Umphrey's McGee

Aragon Ballroom

Chicago, IL

Dec 31, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes

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  • These videos were collaboration between Chicago based production companies Emtybag, UMVideo, and Wiggle Puppy Productions, after they spontaneously and prophetically converged over the 2006 New Years Run. Working tirelessly around the clock, the editors worked closely with to get these Super Tasty Selections out hot and ready for your viewing pleasure. Now engorge yourself!



    Brett Saul - Producer / Camera Operator
    Greg Burrell, Ryan Cohen, Josh Petersen, & Jason Wilson - Camera Operators
    Kari Saul - Production Assistant

    Super Tasty Song Selections From Set One & Encore - Edited By Brett Saul

    Super Tasty Song Selections From Set Two - Edited By Jason Wilson

    Wiggle Puppy Productions

    Mark Krieglstein - Director / Camera Operator
    Sara Yule - Producer / Camera Operator

    Super Tasty Song Selections From Set Three - Edited by Mark Krieglstein


    Brian Myers - Producer
    Carrie Cruz - Production Assistant
    Shanan Edelheit - Production Assistant



  • Horn Section (select songs): Jeff Coffin on saxophone, Michael "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet, Chris Neal on Saxophone, and Brent Sanders on trombone.


  • Special thanks to the Fans, the Band, the Crew, and UM's production staff, all of whom made this possible. And a Super Special thanks to Chad Ericksen, Greg Stewart, and Lord of Laser Light - Wade Wilby!



FF 1/11/2008 11:22:55 PM

"I second that Comment about the FF. The Jimmy in it is out of this world. I wouldnt say that it scared me, But it is some deffinite Dubbed out Funky ASS SHIT. Oh and the rest of the show is crazy . I mean I would pay 10 bucks for each set, Do your self a favor and pick up the FF or the whole show. I thinkk I willo buy the 07` one soon. I own about 4 shows. Havent had the chance to see the guys yet, Just got into them about 1 year ago . Had tickets to the 6-7-06 portland show but emergency came up had to miss it. They didnt come to Seattle that time aorund but they will be here in a month and I got my tickets. So I cant wait to see them finnaly. I hope they bring some funk to Seattle sense they havent been here in 2 years or whatever. Shuld be a monumental show. "

emoeron 2/14/2007 1:37:34 PM

"hope they get videos from the 29th cus i saw camera there"

40s 2/13/2007 8:23:02 PM

"The "jimmy stewart" in FF is freaky good! A couple of buds and I were getting back from a "trip" and listened to it. It scared and freaked us out! Also the horns in Mail Package are literally sickening!!"

pharmies 2/8/2007 12:29:43 PM


Beat Thief 2/3/2007 9:58:49 AM

"Awsome Show. 40`s Theme WAS on the setlist, but Jeff Coffin dragged his solo out and they had to cut it from the show. To bad though, it would`ve rocked."


Setlist at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL on Dec 31, 2006

Set One

JaJunk 660


Hangover 566


Out Of Order 566


FF 540


Miss Tinkle's Overture 618


Bright Lights 673


JaJunk 369


Set Two

Wife Soup 959


You'll Need Sombody On Your Bond 321


Further On Down The Road 306


Slacker 557


Syncopated Strangers 671


Higgins 623


My Old School 348


Set Three

Bridgeless 836


Auld Lang Syne 260


Partyin' Peeps 514


2x2 794


The Triple Wide 717


She Caught The Katy 336


The Bottom Half 468


Mail Package 643



Crowd Noise 237


Dick In A Box 316


Pay the Snucka 841


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