Umphrey's McGee

Beech Mountain Resort

Beech Mountain, NC

Aug 7, 2021

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About Formats
About Formats

Phan_Halen 8/18/2021 3:06:41 PM

"Total banger of a show here. Pure heat both sets. "

Got Your Mike (Right Here) 8/16/2021 2:29:56 PM

"Damn I forgot how dirty Domino Theory can get! The Higgins fucks. As does the Kitchen. But the highlight for me was the Syncroncity II>The Boys of Summer jam. Had all the feels during that. Umphrey’s is on fire now. Don’t trust the haters on here. They are hungry and happy to be playing in front of live humans. "

kodak slack 8/15/2021 12:14:34 PM

"Hey SJB sounds like you’ve got a major stick up your ass. They could’ve played the same song on repeat and I still would have been happy. As a good friend of mine said, “Let us all be reminded, that artists don’t owe us anything. We owe them respect and thankfulness” "

Fishy Reviews 8/13/2021 3:21:23 PM

"Looks like the same Fish trolls are trying to ruin everyone’s good time in Nugs reviews like they’re ruining all the band fan groups on FB. Go blow Tray and F off "

Dusty.... 8/11/2021 9:38:56 PM

"To all u who are picking everything apart... do u know that we are coming off a fukin pandemic? Let'em work on the craft and get into it all again. I'm sure it's ruff when they've not been doing their thing in front of all the shyt...I think it's a pretty sick show. And it'll only keep getting better. Love it...."


Setlist at Beech Mountain Resort, Beech Mountain, NC on Aug 7, 2021

Set One

Partyin' Peeps 443


Educated Guess 794


Conduit 571


Synchronicity II 739


Conduit 103


Mullet (Over) 329


Example 1 510


Draconian 968


Set Two

Domino Theory 504


Nothing Too Fancy 1124


Remind Me 542


Higgins 823


Crucial Taunt 357


In The Kitchen 865


Remind Me 464



Kula 257


In The Kitchen 186


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