Umphrey's McGee

Egyptian Theatre

DeKalb, IL

Apr 17, 2009

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About Formats
Show Notes


Mark 5/12/2016 7:06:27 PM


Mike 4/21/2009 1:54:08 PM

"Probably the weakest show I've seen Umphrey's put on compared to the 6 previous shows I've seen them play, but it was still pretty good. The second set outstaged the first set (as usual), but Der Bluten Kat/Turn and Run were pretty good. Hurt Bird Bath and Water were definitley the highlights of this show, but if you're looking to get a really solid Umphrey's show, check out last year's DeKalb show (4-8-08). Last year's Dekalb show blew this one out of the water. And I agree with the other guy, the encore was disappointing. I hope summercamp 09 is much better than Dekalb 09"

Dank Show 4/21/2009 9:49:45 AM

"Fun show! I met jake outside the theater like 20 mins before the show so that was a nice treat. Set I Great opener: DBK>Turn n Run> DBK> #5> DBK. the DBK was a lot a space in it and it was really good. Turn and run was solid, nothing crazy, same with #5. I didn't catch mullet (over) when they were playing it but it was fun. Utopian was great too, awesome jamming. I don't like WWS but it was solid.. joel was cookin'. Set II Tribute! i was wearing this shirt and maybe when i met jaco he got some ideas... just maybe haha. Tribute was really good, strong jamming. GYM (RH) has a good extended jam at the end that goes into HBB also had some cool spacey jamming. H20 was the best it had a beautiful jam at the end. 40s was a lot of fun and had a great ending jam. E: LAME ENCORE! I love Spires but seriously? All in all fun night in DeKalb "


Setlist at Egyptian Theatre, DeKalb, IL on Apr 17, 2009

Set One

Der Bluten Kat 976


Turn & Run 406


Der Bluten Kat 126


#5 398


Der Bluten Kat 213


Mullet (Over) 337


Utopian Fir 1265


Women Wine and Song 445


Set Two

Tribute to the Spinal Shaft 887


Got Your Milk (Right Here) 538


Hurt Bird Bath 985


Morning Song 526


Water 516


40's Theme 955



Spires 336


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