Umphrey's McGee

Emens Auditorium

Muncie, IN

Oct 3, 2008

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About Formats
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royal dude 10/14/2008 6:43:33 AM

"I've been to quite a few UM shows, and I gotta say that this show was pretty f***in tight. Fussy Dutchmen made the show for me but then when I heard Wizard Burial Ground it was over. I agree Passing > Intentions Clear isn't the best move (on The Floor you actually see the set list and we missed out on Smell the Mitten, *sadness*)."

myself 10/12/2008 12:27:41 PM

"the second set was awesome, and the light show was ridiculous. Didn't care for the assigned seating though. Never the less, awesome show."

Naptown Umphreak 10/12/2008 7:36:46 AM

"This show was real funny on a lot of fronts. Unfortunately, funcie security locked everyone in and didnt afford anyone pass outs so it was a VERY tense vibe going into the second set. Whether they knew it or not, the boys specifically came out swingin in the second half to keep the restless crowd content. Now I heard quite a few people disapointed in the show leaving, I for one thought it was a damn fine show. They played a lot of more obscure technical songs in the first half and then brought it home swingin for the fences in the second set. And who doesnt love 'dr feelgood' and then 'band on the run' as a closer?! Great show, definitely better than the last show in Indy. Thanks guys!"

Bmazz 10/11/2008 12:22:33 PM

"Show was sick. DBK and Fussy Dutchman killed. 5th row center. Hellz."

Todd 10/10/2008 9:24:05 PM

"Yeah this show is solid with some really nice exploratory jams. I was 3rd row dead center brehs. Those Water and DBK jams are seriously awesome. And with Waful on the lights, it was even better. Loved tBH>Feelgood>tBH. Definitely not an off night for the boys. If anything, it was an off night for the umphreaks. Crowd sucked but they still delivered!"


Setlist at Emens Auditorium, Muncie, IN on Oct 3, 2008

Set One

Nemo 960


Water 852


Der Bluten Kat 927


Passing 239


Der Bluten Kat 233


Intentions Clear 346


Nemo 148


Set Two

Wappy Sprayberry 1129


The Fussy Dutchman 442


Walletsworth 440


The Bottom Half 497


Dr. Feelgood 134


The Bottom Half 198


Slacker 653


Wizard Burial Ground 645



End of the Road 206


Band On The Run 271


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