Umphrey's McGee

Freebird Live

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Mar 6, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats

spinephixer 3/11/2009 12:53:34 PM

"let me start by saying i give my 2 cents on most shows that are on here - and i am quick to give kudos where it's due. i love umph and feel they are the finest jamband in in the land. i support them by seeing them when i can and buying just about every show they make available. that being said, i thought this show was a RARE VERY OFF NIGHT for them. with the exception of a nice AIT (not epic, but solid) that saved this show from being an all time LOW for me, i thought everything else was very weak. it's been noted by others that the show was better than it looked on paper? i think the opposite (my opinion). there is a LOT in the setlist to get excited about (plunger, higgins, AIT, jajunk, intentions clear, slacker...ALL songs that regularly open up into great jams) and none of them (again, except for AIT) did. higgins was just plain boring for me, as was plunger and slacker. jajunk wasn't terrible, but didn't "do" much. i am actually kind of shocked. i didn't love the atlanta shows either, but other than that, there's been a SHITLOAD of good stuff coming out of 2009. that's just my opinion. hell - i know they're human (although that is something i often forget...especially when watching jake do his thang!) and they're going to have off nights. and feel free to disagree. far be it for me to tell people what's good music - that is a matter of taste and opinion. i can only speak from my experience and knowledge of what umph can do when they come to play - and i just didn't feel it in this show. sorry..."

Russell Craig 3/11/2009 10:25:42 AM

"I agree w/ Nameless that the show is better than the setlist implies. All In Time had one of their best dance jams to date. I believe it was the bands first time in Jacksonville in a good while, so the first set ended up being a smattering of "you should know this song" from UM's catalog. Towards the end of the show Bayliss grabbed our camera and took a picture of our group which was an amazing surprise. High douchebag quality in the crowd unfortunately...alot of inconsidertate people out there in J-Ville. How can you go to UM and not dance??? How I ask you how??? UM as always fucking steller!!!"

freebird 3/10/2009 6:04:50 PM

"Awesome show!!!! This was my first Umphrey's show and they did not disappoint! Immigrant song was epic and any day now it will be in the top downloads. Can't wait for Umphrey's at Wanee. "

Nameless 3/10/2009 1:05:25 PM

"Great show, better than the setlist implies. All in Time was especially epic, and London Calling was a treat. All around good flow and great improvisation."


Setlist at Freebird Live, Jacksonville Beach, FL on Mar 6, 2009

Set One

JaJunk 536


Walletsworth 377


Intentions Clear 578


Rocker Part 2 318


Immigrant Song 233


Higgins 928


Plunger 496


JaJunk 305


Set Two

Turn & Run 465


Thin Air 660


All In Time 1047


Prophecy Now 129


All In Time 524


London Calling 174


Jimmy Stewart 360


Slacker 659


Search 4 525



In The Kitchen 555


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