Umphrey's McGee

Goofy's Kitchen

New Orleans, LA

May 3, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Bridgeless: someone dressed as Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton character came on stage and started ranting into the mic; the band began to play a funk groove after he invited two female daners on stage; after the three people left the stage, another woman came out and did a brief strip tease before Wade came and carried her offstage.
  • Reviews

    brian 12/20/2008 8:45:00 PM

    "tony clifton character came out the night before, and the show was at HOB not goofy's kitchen"

    12/20/2008 8:44:47 PM

    "tony clifton character came out the night before, and the show was at HOB not goofy's kitchen"

    OKLAhoma Peep 5/6/2008 1:55:21 PM

    "Second night was even better, but cut short due to the fact that UM was playing at the BS Music Fest later in the day. Killer songs, but still unsatisfied that UM only did one set."

    wormbog in nawlins 5/6/2008 1:48:47 PM

    "Kick ass show, came from chicago for the weekend jazz fest - this show was definitely one of the hilights for me (I missed the first night to see johnny v and friends w gordo and benevento at the maple leaf). Good to see some midwest peeps in the french quarter - it felt like home. the vibe was really good, and the boys were on fire as usual. (Had ocean billy stuck in my head all day - i knew it was comin) I haven`t listened to the first night yet, but this one is worth the download. peace!"

    Mark Clark 5/6/2008 12:05:23 PM

    "Well it started around 1:55 a.m the House of Blues was packed out!! Probably the sickest UM show I've ever been apart of!! Saw them at Langerado this year and that did'nt even compare to the excitement and vibe of the 4 hour morning show.. Walked up to the bar and ran into Particle's Pianoist just chillin.. Overall I give it an A+"


    Setlist at Goofy's Kitchen, New Orleans, LA on May 3, 2008

    Set One

    Partyin' Peeps 482


    Wizard Burial Ground 626


    Hangover 636


    The Triple Wide 715


    Ocean Billy 894


    The Fussy Dutchman 472


    Gulf Stream 429


    Der Bluten Kat 512


    The Bottom Half 784


    Der Bluten Kat 869



    Hajimemashite 312


    Push the Pig 516


    Come Closer 387


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