Umphrey's McGee

Higher Ground

South Burlington, VT

Oct 24, 2007

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About Formats
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soul embrace 11/2/2007 10:43:43 AM

"i almost lost sphinkter control THREE TIMES listening to this show. the utopian fir > masoko tanga segue is SOOOO fuckin` intense. the example > N2F segue and completion is also completely ridiculous. and of course the all in time (in the middle of which ryan takes the spotlight for an amazing funked-out jam) is the icing on the cake. can`t say i love this ENTIRE show beginning to end - but it`s definitely worth the d/l for those highlights mentioned (...and the blue echo is no slouch either). i swear there is no weak-link in this band...fucking magical."

phlamingo79 10/31/2007 7:32:05 AM

"the better of the two shows at higherground imo. when i heard the first notes of N2F i knew it was going to be a couple of great shows. i was hoping for a N2F sandwich of both nights, but was happy with just the one. anytime the boys drop a police tune... need i say more? all in time encore was smoklin`. get these shows and i`ll see you in Vermont next year."


Setlist at Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT on Oct 24, 2007

Set One

Nothing Too Fancy 810


  • $1.29
Water 487


  • $0.99
Blue Echo 1181


  • $1.29
40's Theme 604


  • $0.99
2x2 766


  • $1.29

Set Two

Walletsworth 427


  • $0.99
Utopian Fir 1803


  • $1.29
Masoko Tanga 344


  • $0.99
White Man's Moccasins 561


  • $0.99
In Violation of Yes 717


  • $0.99
Example 1 426


  • $0.99
Nothing Too Fancy 477


  • $0.99


All In Time 918


  • $1.29

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