Umphrey's McGee

Higher Ground

South Burlington, VT

Oct 24, 2007

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About Formats
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soul embrace 11/2/2007 10:43:43 AM

"i almost lost sphinkter control THREE TIMES listening to this show. the utopian fir > masoko tanga segue is SOOOO fuckin` intense. the example > N2F segue and completion is also completely ridiculous. and of course the all in time (in the middle of which ryan takes the spotlight for an amazing funked-out jam) is the icing on the cake. can`t say i love this ENTIRE show beginning to end - but it`s definitely worth the d/l for those highlights mentioned (...and the blue echo is no slouch either). i swear there is no weak-link in this band...fucking magical."

phlamingo79 10/31/2007 7:32:05 AM

"the better of the two shows at higherground imo. when i heard the first notes of N2F i knew it was going to be a couple of great shows. i was hoping for a N2F sandwich of both nights, but was happy with just the one. anytime the boys drop a police tune... need i say more? all in time encore was smoklin`. get these shows and i`ll see you in Vermont next year."


Setlist at Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT on Oct 24, 2007

Set One

Nothing Too Fancy 810


Water 487


Blue Echo 1181


40's Theme 604


2x2 766


Set Two

Walletsworth 427


Utopian Fir 1803


Masoko Tanga 344


White Man's Moccasins 561


In Violation of Yes 717


Example 1 426


Nothing Too Fancy 477



All In Time 918


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