Umphrey's McGee

House of Blues

West Hollywood, CA

Mar 23, 2013

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Debut of I Got Love with Clayton Halsey on vocals

Clown Baby 2/9/2023 7:31:04 AM

"Feep-T should be sterilized. Those two nights in Hollywood were incredible! "

Feep-T 4/23/2013 9:24:16 PM

" I'm gonna be harsh, Umphrey's. I love you guys. You blew my mind at the FOX in Oakland. Best show ever. Fuckin' made me rejoice a whole lot. Now, listening to more of the current tour, this is what I've got in mind. If you can't sing it, don't play it. The original artists chose the key according to the voice. May as well make sure it sound good. If it don't, well, you can't do it. It's fine. No one will judge you for what they haven't heard. A little drunk here. My opinions change. Be cool with it. What works yesterday doesn't work tomorrow, but may work again. What you guys did at the FOX in Oakland was fucking great. I loved it. Had a great time. If the first part of Live and Let Die was pre-recorded, whatever. Fucking blew my mind one way or another. But this is the circus here, and we don't get nets. Having an honest conversation with the audience: that's what makes the heart sing. Since you guys have to plan a show in advance... just have fun with it. It's obvious that you do, so no problem there. I loved those sparing jams. Whole notes over a groove. Damn. Highest energy crescendo only wins the crescendo award. Gets you to the big stage as well. But look at Trey. He's trying to get back to the majestic theaters, and is having a struggle with it. We want great music, but we can see it's true identity. Herbie Hancock likened the live music performance environment as a life or death struggle. I don't blame him. We love you. And not always for the reasons that you might assume. Greatest peak. yes. Bringing in the mentors to blow our minds. Hell yes! (Stanley Jordan is a motherfucker, and I think Miles would call him so). Technical proficency: motherfucking YES! Fuck yeah! Play it with your heart and transcend to the place that never lies: do it! You have that shit locked in! Play a wonderful cover that you can't sing? Wait a minute.... you don't have to spoil yourself on this. Incorporate what works, discard what doesn't work. And if you have to change the key to make it work, because it's part of what you do... be professional about it. Go the extra fucking mile. Not that hard. Transposing keys once... difficult. Reproducing it? Easy. Besides, what's the point of doing what's been done? You guys have your own thing going. You already own most of it. Why not own it all? We won't be convinced unless it's 100%. We know the difference between having fun and taking it seriously. That shit's obvious. The strongest band is still a human band. Which means that it's OK to be a bit flawed, and to make up for it other ways. Save the studio genius for the studio, and the live genius for the performance. You've already got it. The fan base knows that well. One last thing, and I know I'm an asshole. Deal with it. You'll benefit. In Oakland, you balanced the rage with beautiful flowing lines. This will never fail you. The night before (2/19) lacked this quality, and is less interesting to me. You've already got it. Make sure to balance with play and the work, the work and the play. A beautiful melody attracts the fem, while the rage attracts the masc. And when you keep them in eternal dialogue.... you'll find something eternal. Nothing more to say. Fucking Umphrey's Rage! I love you! You are great!"


Setlist at House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA on Mar 23, 2013

Set One

There's No Crying In Mexico 203


Bridgeless 651


Anchor Drops 364


Wappy Sprayberry 911


Bridgeless 336


Wife Soup 574


Der Bluten Kat 949


I Got Love 228


Der Bluten Kat 171


Set Two

Mulche's Odyssey 778


Divisions 764


Plunger 906


Hangover 701


The Triple Wide 667


Divisions 461



Andy's Last Beer 524


The Song Remains the Same 380


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