Umphrey's McGee

Las Tortugas - Dance of the Dead IV

Groveland, CA

Oct 31, 2009

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About Formats
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Show Notes
Set One
JaJunk% > 2x2 > Q*Bert > 2x2, Cemetery Walk, Padgett's Profile, All In Time%%, Cemetery Walk II, Sweet Sunglasses*
Set Two
Jazz Odyssey > Nothing Too Fancy > Hangover > Night Gambler** > Nothing Too Fancy, FF > Professor Wormbog^, JaJunk, Mulche's Odyssey, Land of Wappy$
40's Theme, Nemo's Fat Bottomed Good Times$$

% with Smooth Criminal + Whole Lotta Love jam
%% with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' jam
* mash up of: Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) + Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart) + Electric Feel (MGMT)
** mash up of: The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) + Night Fever (The Bee Gees) + Rapper's Delight (The Sugarhill Gang; with Andy on vocals)
^ with Bill Kreutzmann on drums
$ mash up of: Wappy Sprayberry + Land of Confusion (Genesis) + Seek & Destroy (Metallica)
$$ mash up of: Nemo + Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen) + Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)


Elly 5/3/2011 11:42:49 AM

"I thank you humbly for shiarng your wisdom JJWY"

Pantsparty 7/21/2010 4:12:11 PM

"I'm starting to think that someone like KB or Bayliss go through the good shows and post mean things just to get people riled up."

Pedro 7/16/2010 11:49:54 AM

"Woah, take it easy fishhead, yea with an F. Phucker this night was so magical, i was so happy to be at this fest than with 100,000 smelly people in a god forsaken desert. hopefully there will be another hallows eve mash up this year on the west, cannot wait for another UM get down !"

umph 2/2/2010 2:16:45 PM

"Hey go fudge yourself umphrey's is a unique band that blows most of these bands out of the water and what i was trying to say is that he's saying "Wish i would have went to phish," well then you should have a$$f$$$ this is a great show. Keep your stupid comments to yourself or post em on the phish page jacka$$. And yes opinions do matter but not when you disrespect the fans!"

seriously??? 1/13/2010 4:58:07 PM

"you don't want people posting if they have different opinions then you?? that is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard. the reason i like talking about phish with people is because they are not afraid to say their opinions of the band even if it is negative. in my opinion umphrey's fans are just casual music listeners and aren't really educated about music at all. you are an idiot if you only want to hear one side of an opinion. that is just completely lame. "


Setlist at Las Tortugas - Dance of the Dead IV, Groveland, CA on Oct 31, 2009

Set One

JaJunk 698


2x2 576


Q-Bert 129


2x2 374


Cemetery Walk 459


Padgett's Profile 458


All In Time 1176


Cemetery Walk II 722


Sweet Sunglasses 359


Set Two

Nothing Too Fancy 645


Hangover 614


Night Gambler 498


Nothing Too Fancy 416


FF 205


Professor Wormbog 498


JaJunk 403


Mulche's Odyssey 553


Land Of Wappy 997



40's Theme 578


Nemo's Fat Bottomed Good Times 352


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