Umphrey's McGee

Lincoln Theatre

Raleigh, NC

Jul 31, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • late night set

  • Voices inside My Head: first time played, The Police

  • It's About that Time with guitarist from Gongzilla replacing Brendan and then other guitarist replacing Jake when Brendan came back; with Jake on percussion.
  • Reviews

    Emily Thewliss 8/13/2008 7:23:18 PM

    "Anyone who witnessed this mind-blowing musical feast was enlightened, no doubt. Umphrey`s Mcgee rocked the Lincoln Theatre, especially pulling out that Michael Jackson cover.. yes yes..Thank you for visiting the south once more, please please come back this fall! (Asheville loves you!) (Let`s throw a 3-day UMPHEST!)"

    Brad 8/9/2008 6:43:23 PM

    "WOW! I`ve seen Umphrey`s twice before this and never have i seen the energy and growth of a band amount to a pinnacle show like this. If this show is a sign of the direction they are going then the fans (and future fans) are in for a nice surprise! "

    CB 8/7/2008 6:11:39 PM

    "This was my first UM show. I have been to many shows and festivals over the last 15 years and this show was one of the best. After the first set in Cary, I was impressed, sounded like a good jam band. And then they blew me away at the late night set. There was a wide array of beautiful sounds, deep beats, breaks, while sometimes building and then releasing. The crowd was great also. I can imagine that it was difficult for the UM and STS9 team to organize two shows in one night, but I gratefully appreciate their dedication to the art of music. Hopefully you`ll come back to Raleigh soon. Nothing beats a festival atmosphere with the comforts of home! "


    Setlist at Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC on Jul 31, 2008

    Set One

    Nothing Too Fancy 806


    Ringo 500


    Slacker 589


    #5 478


    Bright Lights 441


    Voices Inside My Head 231


    Jimmy Stewart 798


    Nothing Too Fancy 912


    The Girl Is Mine 328


    Billie Jean 257


    Jimmy Stewart 150


    Mulche's Odyssey 763



    It's About That Time 1010


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