Umphrey's McGee

Masquerade Music Park

Atlanta, GA

Aug 1, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

Andrew Yohn 11/17/2008 5:50:49 PM

"This was my first show and it was awesome!!! Shine was amazing and i am so pumped i got to see it at my first!! wappy was great Stew was great i recommend this highly "

Kevin 9/3/2008 9:39:37 AM

"Umphrey`s has no control over the weather or electricity. This is a one set show, so I can see why people would want it cheaper that 10 bucks to download. But there is NO reason that the band "owes" us a free download or anything of that sort. Everyone`s money got refunded from the show and I`m sure the band lost money that night. Plus, they have already set a makeup date for Sept 14 at the Tabernacle so get over it and GiTV."

Tommy Lee202 8/10/2008 10:22:47 AM

"I definately agree with this show being free to the people who had tickets the second night including me!! and yes there have been better shows from UM like the show in Athens back in april..that was a killer show...and def PLZ COME BACK THIS FALL FOR A BETTER AND LONGER SET!!"

Nick 8/7/2008 11:13:26 AM

"Both Umphrey`s and STS9 but on awesome sets. Not the best I have seen by Umphrey`s but I feel like theri singing and harmony`s have come a long way and of course the melt your face with their guitars. I think this set should be free to people who had tickets for the second night... just would be a nice gesture. The people next to me drove 7 hours from Orlando, got a hotel room and didn`t get to see any music. I feel bad for them and glad I am from Atlanta. COME BACK THIS FALL!!"

mackadocious 8/6/2008 2:28:10 PM

"Why are they charging $9.95 for these one set shows? WTF?"


Setlist at Masquerade Music Park, Atlanta, GA on Aug 1, 2008

Set One

Dump City 772


Search 4 544


Anchor Drops 394


Got Your Milk (Right Here) 803


The Crooked One 689


Thin Air 651


Wappy Sprayberry 713


Shine On You Crazy Diamond 788


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