Umphrey's McGee

Morris Performing Arts Center

South Bend, IN

Mar 17, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Adrian Belew opened

  • All In Time with Super Mario Brothers theme tease; with Ryan bass solo on
    America the Beautiful

  • JaJunk with Smell the Mitten tease; with Brendan and Jake switching to

  • Simple Gifts and End of the Road with Brendan and Jake on acoustics

  • encore with Adrian Belew on guitar and vocals
  • Reviews

    Cmerder 12/24/2007 11:40:38 AM

    "This show was on St Patty`s day and started off with irish dressed bag pipe players playing and marching down the center of the aisles. I really enjoyed the show, the second set was defitnitly a dance party. But the security at the Morris was fuc-ing bull sh-t. I had an aisle seat and everytime one of my feet moved from in front of my seat they were there warning me to stay at my seat, untill eventually they were going to kick me out, I explained in the lobby to the head of security what was going on and while that was happening Jakes dad happen to pass by so I told him what was going on and he got them to let me stay. Man what a difference from this place to the Robert J Fishround center that they played on Aug 31, which was spectacular."

    local fan 7420 4/5/2007 5:27:43 AM

    "3 songs repeated in 4 days???? What`s the deal guys?"

    local fan 7420 4/5/2007 5:22:50 AM

    "Good show guys. I wasn`t extremely impressed with the first set, but I`m sure it did what it was intended to do. 2nd set was off the hook. On another note, I followed UM for the 4 day run, and in that time they played "Red," "Alex`s House," and "Thela Hun Ginjeet." What the fuck is up with repeating songs that aren`t that good. Please tell me that this isn`t the future of Umphrey`s McGee. Give me variety please!!!!!"

    Mike D. 3/19/2007 12:08:18 PM

    "My first UM show, but hopefully not my last! Great to see you guys in your home town, I loved the show & your tunes. Adrian was awesome too!"

    Nick S. 3/19/2007 9:25:57 AM

    "Glad to see and was looking forward to it for awhile....just like everyone else in south bend jajunk and joels piano was the best!"


    Setlist at Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN on Mar 17, 2007

    Set One

    Plunger 532


    Walletsworth 421


    Higgins 589


    Morning Song 513


    Nemo 822


    Liquid 482


    Words 565


    Set Two

    Prowler 411


    All In Time 1125


    JaJunk 408


    Simple Gifts 204


    End of the Road 203


    Alex's House 463


    JaJunk 386


    Ringo 610


    Red 505



    I Want You (She's So Heavy) 406


    Thela Hun Ginjeet 459


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