Umphrey's McGee

I Don't Know What I Want

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Show Notes
When I wake up will it be over and ok?

Dr. HIGGINS 4/8/2022 4:28:59 PM

"Love this song but this has never once worked for me when I try to listen on nugs. Always says error. Small strides works...every other show and song works. This one does not. Am I the only one having this issue?"

George 1/21/2022 3:42:18 PM

"I love this new track but for some reason Nugs app will not work when I try to play it. The only way I've been able to listen to it is on YouTube. Anyone else get an error message when you try to play this?"

AlaskaBace 1/16/2022 7:37:03 PM

"Exciting energy coming out of these crazy times! ?????? Love this! ??"

Bren 1/16/2022 3:25:33 PM

"Me likes"

Umph 1/15/2022 9:03:11 AM

"Threw It All Away"


I Don't Know What I Want 280


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