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Asking For A Friend

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
Asking For A Friend drops July 1st.

1. I Don't Know What I Want (4:51)
2. Small Strides (4:31)
3. Always October (4:13)
4. Fenced In (3:51)
5. New Wings (5:17)
6. So Much (3:42)
7. Dayville Monarchy (4:05)
8. Hiccup (3:07)
9. Pure Saturation (4:56)
10. It’s Not Your Fault (3:25)
11. Escape Goat (5:33)
12. How About Now? (3:36)
13. Ordinary Times (3:58)
14. Work Sauce (4:14)


Stevie 10/17/2022 4:36:55 PM

"This album is great from start to finish and sounds amazing on vinyl. The way the songs have been developing live is going nice as always. \mm/ "

Phan_Halen 7/18/2022 1:50:29 PM

"Best album this band has ever made imo"

Devils Advocate 7/16/2022 8:12:03 AM

"Sad boy put it pretty harsh but he does have a point. Kind of lol. Anything after Mantis does not suck. And the new album is fantastic imo. But I can definitely agree that something isn't quite the same with their live shows these days. I remember shows like Peoria 2017, Scamp 2016 and 2018 to name a few where I was so blown away that I still listen to those shows whole all the way down to this day. Now a days youre lucky if you get 1 or 2 fire jams per show. They just dont bring it quite like they used to. All that being said though no need to be a dick about it like sad boy. These guys are still my favorite band ever and I still love them and always will. Never miss a show close enough to home \mm/"

Matty 7/12/2022 6:43:20 AM

" Best Album since Anchor Drops"

Logan 7/11/2022 1:56:54 PM

"Always coming out with the greatest music! Umph<3"


I Don't Know What I Want 291


Small Strides 271


Always October 253


Fenced In 231


New Wings 317


So Much 222


Dayville Monarchy 245


Hiccup 187


Pure Saturation 296


It's Not Your Fault 205


Escape Goat 333


How About Now 216


Ordinary Times 237


Work Sauce 254


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