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Asking For A Friend

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Show Notes
Asking For A Friend drops July 1st.

Sad boy sucks 4/3/2022 1:00:50 PM

"I doubt you've ever seen the band live, troll. Go back to your moms basement loser"

SmigsKY 3/28/2022 3:09:56 PM

"People such as SADBOY post just to complain & suck thier own pecker with a "number of shows" they've seen comment. Nobody cares !! "

Goose 3/19/2022 7:30:32 AM

"Im such jealous boi!"

Bloom 3/17/2022 12:28:25 PM

"I'm with it"

HappyBoy 3/16/2022 12:25:39 PM

"Mr. Sadboy over there can shut the heck up! I guess they better go jump on the Goose crapwagon! This song is amazing! And so is ‘I Don’t Know what I Want’. Can’t wait for this new album, I love the modern Umphrey’s sound so much! You can’t create songs with this much depth and different styles all mixed into one cohesive package, without a fervent dedication to the cause for 20 plus years. Tremendous!"



Set One

Small Strides 271


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