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Show Notes

I had been writing a lot during covid lockdown.  After a nice morning surf session I came back to the studio and came up with two parts on the TonePad app on my iPhone.  Thought it was pretty cool and added some drum loops, some Moog Taurus basslines and some synth bass. Sent it to Bayliss asking if he could add anything or work his magic.  He did. - Stasik

Nothing Too Fancy Music
Copyright 2022

Hanging Brains Music

Brendan Bayliss
Ryan Stasik
Joel Cummins
Jake Cinninger

Greg Magers
Umphrey's McGee

Ryan Hewitt

Dan Shike

Cover Photo:
Barry Butler


Bob sr 2/17/2023 10:07:05 AM

"Woah alright umphrey’s. Sick track "

Dance Hall Dave 2/16/2023 4:30:30 PM

"I would say Bayliss definitely worked his magic on that one. I look forward to hearing the whole band play that soon."


Staircase 271


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