Umphrey's McGee

Nokia Theatre

New York, NY

Dec 1, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats

CPA87 12/7/2006 8:22:06 PM

"This was my 7th show i`ve gone to and they never cease to blow me away. I highly recommend this show. Great set list and lots of energy. The 2nd set was unbelievable. The opening Jajunk is absolutely amazing. If there is any Improved jam to define the word "nice" its the jam in the 2nd part of the first Jajunk. My face was honestly melting by the second when I heard it. You gotta get this show. "

kochdog 12/7/2006 7:51:20 PM

"This was my first time seeing Umphrey`s, and i gotta say it only took one show to get me hooked. Nokia theater is beautiful. Was mad close up and they sounded flawless. Rediculously smooth with every shift, and didnt slow down one bit. I suggest you check out this show, you will not regret it. "

UM + anywhere = Magic 12/7/2006 1:26:11 PM

"I hate to say it but Umphrey`s Mcgee is "Magic" whenever or wherever they hit the stage. They fuckin tear it up whether it is rock, funk, reggae, metal, trance, or an unbelievable "jimmy stewart" improv jam. If you dont believe it, listen to any of the most recent WI run shows or any other show at that! These boys have a whole lot of variety to bring to any show. This is why they are quickly taking over the "Jam" world, and will soon be up at the very top!! "

Umphreys + NYC = Magic 12/7/2006 12:54:06 PM

"This was my third Umphreys show in New York City. There is one common thread with this band and NYC, they love to play here, plain and simple. At the February Nokia show, they floored us with all their talent and improvisation. At the Central Park Summerstage show, they knocked us dead with funk soaked extended jams. At the end of that show, they said "If you can`t tell, we love playing New York City" Well, after this December 1 & 2 run at the Nokia, it is blatantly obvious that they shine everytime they play here. This December show was a rock tour-de-force, they were on with the jams and improvisation. The cover of the Band`s Ophelia is beautiful. Get this show and December 2 when available, so that you can experience how different these guys can be each night. "


Setlist at Nokia Theatre, New York, NY on Dec 1, 2006

Set One

Great American 819


  • $1.29
Intentions Clear 677


  • $0.99
Blue Echo 714


  • $0.99
Partyin' Peeps 254


  • $0.99
White Man's Moccasins 406


  • $0.99
Partyin' Peeps 499


  • $0.99
Ophelia 246


  • $0.99

Set Two

JaJunk 733


  • $1.29
Higgins 519


  • $0.99
Wife Soup 1479


  • $1.29
Andy's Last Beer 393


  • $0.99
Ringo 963


  • $1.29
JaJunk 515


  • $0.99


Pay the Snucka 643


  • $0.99

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