Umphrey's McGee

Nokia Theatre Times Square

New York, NY

Apr 10, 2009

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  • The second set was a complete performance of the album Mantis.

b.r. 5/19/2009 1:04:52 PM

"First and foremost...the whole show rocked, not just the second set. I wasn't there, but downloaded it, and it sounds like they were REALLY trying to show off on the second set and make everyone have a good time. All the songs have so much energy, and even through the download I can here how hard they're trying, especially Joel and Kris. The whole show rocks. Totally unique idea and I'm sure no one there even realized what was going on until like Spires or something like that. Be happy you heard an Umphrey's one in a lifetime...idiots. (Those who didn't like hearing repeat songs over the two days)."

jjb 4/23/2009 4:38:53 AM

"there's no reason to complain about song repeats or playing an entire album. for bands like umphreys it should be more about how they play than what they play. you probably can't find a song repeated two shows in a row for the past five years or so. it happened here because they wanted to play the whole album. its just one song and a good one, get over it."

Awestruck! 4/20/2009 10:17:54 AM

" are a bunch of bitches. I am here to say that this show kicked ass. Thought is was Sick.....thats all. Oh yeah and your bitches...ha."

spinephixer 4/16/2009 1:11:23 PM

"It is also an asshole who tells people what the "right reasons" are to be into something. And I am over it...I just left my opinion. You are the one who can't let go (and apparently won't until we ALL agree with your opinion). If you are lucky enough to be reviewed one day as a musician, I am going to strongly suggest you don't read what they have to say. You will probably explode. I promise you no member of Umphrey's could give a shit that I was disappointed that they repeated a song. I still love the band like no other...but it's OK to not agree with everything they do. Guess what?...they often play a song and the jam never takes off...and I find that disappointing...but I don't try and make the world agree with me...or call them assholes for disagreeing. "

Mulletover Ya'll 4/16/2009 12:30:34 PM

"I think the album play through's chill so I'm cool with seeing 1348 two nights in a row for that very reason.They had to get some Mantis out on Saturday for those who didn't attend Friday's show otherwise those peeps would be pissed to not hear any Mantis. What's more concerning is hearing a Snucka encore at every other show you attend, etc. I'd track phantasytour stats for setlist creation to keep the UMphreaks at bay. "


Setlist at Nokia Theatre Times Square, New York, NY on Apr 10, 2009

Set One

Wappy Sprayberry 913


Last Man Swerving 642


Wife Soup 786


Prowler 328


2nd Self 409


Much Obliged 580


Miss Tinkle's Overture 661


Set Two

Jazz Odyssey 289


Made to Measure 317


Mantis 725


Cemetery Walk 427


Cemetery Walk II 568


Turn & Run 749


Spires 427


Prophecy Now 190


Red Tape 479


1348 530



Comfortably Numb 450


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