Umphrey's McGee

Nokia Theatre Times Square

New York, NY

Oct 20, 2007

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About Formats
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Show Notes
  • Immigrant Song with Scott Metzger replacing Brendan for a jam and Jake Szufnarowski (Tragedy) on cowbell.

  • Roulette > Close Your Eyes with Matisyahu on vocals.
  • Reviews

    Kris 10/25/2007 5:10:20 PM

    "Hands down best concert of my life. Im going to every Umphrey`s concert thats in NY from now on."

    Nokia Theater Night Two 10/24/2007 6:34:10 PM

    "Once again NYC really brings out the energy in these guys. Their setlist wasn`t only amazing, but they really ripped it. Besides Tragedy this was the better night. Musically everything was just great, and the second night I brought along a ton of friends so it made it even better. Once again a good crowd, friendly faces from the first night and more fun than ever. Worth buying both shows, and I anticipated it greatly. Definitely can`t wait to see them again, hopefully two nights in a row if not more? :)"

    Dan 10/24/2007 4:02:15 PM

    "This was my fourth umph show, and it is definitely in my top four! HA! No seriously, this show rocked! I dont think I have ever seen umphreys play to this sort of intensity. The crowd was deeply in tune with the vibe they were putting and the musicianship was nothing short of what they always bring out to shows. If you are an umph fan who didnt attend the incentive is certainly there to add this show to your collection."

    Andy 10/24/2007 3:18:32 PM

    "THE greatest concert I`ve ever been to. Ever. Wizard Burial Ground? That song was soooo sick! This was the first UM show i`ve been to and i`m so glad I went. After seeing this show, I have lost all concepts of reality. I don`t even understand the concept of concepts. That`s how good the show/ Umphrey`s Mcgee is."

    Nick 10/24/2007 3:10:56 PM

    "This was the first Umphrey`s show ive been to and will certainly not be the last! The music was great along with the atmosphere. The two covers where great from hendrix and led zeppelin and i cant get the encore out of my head... great show, definitely should listen"


    Setlist at Nokia Theatre Times Square, New York, NY on Oct 20, 2007

    Set One

    Andy's Last Beer 536


    Bridgeless 630


    Power Of Soul 694


    Bridgeless 433


    Morning Song 479


    Uncommon 79


    Glory 201


    Uncommon 116


    Wizard Burial Ground 629


    Set Two

    Mulche's Odyssey 954


    Immigrant Song 498


    Roulette 823


    Hajimemashite 366


    The Triple Wide 609


    Got Your Milk (Right Here) 264


    Plunger 658



    Ocean Billy 751


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