Umphrey's McGee

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

Jun 18, 2022

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About Formats
Show Notes

Umphrey's McGee plus an opening set by Andy Frasco & the U.N.


missytinklesoverture 8/4/2022 2:48:37 PM

"Definitely could have done without Frasco but it didn’t prevent umphrey’s from delivering straight fire."

EddieTheEagle 7/18/2022 3:59:33 PM

"@Boof.....while I agree the 4 night run wasn't anything special, specifically both RR nights, it seems a little dramatic to say you'll never see them again. Regardless, no one wants your negative energy here or at a show. Do yourself and UM a favor, and go see Drake or something. Sounds like that's where you belong."

Boof love 7/7/2022 12:08:12 PM

"Hey Tobias I remember you. Pounding bud lights in between bumps lapping up whatever the band plays. Sorry, some of us are more critical of the bands we pay to see. I've seen umph 20 + times over the past 12 years, been to summer camp twice and I can say this was the worst show musically I've seen from them. And I was in VIP rolling and tripping with lifeling friends and was STILL bored. Poor song selection and they never found a good groove/jam IMO. Not even including whatever the fuck the frasco shit was. "

TobiasIsKING 6/28/2022 6:26:14 PM

"Boof I remember you. Yeah please don’t go to another show. You were a drag the entire time. Bad vibes from you all night long. Find happiness. It’s out there. Sometimes you gotta dig."

Kyle 6/24/2022 1:31:01 PM

"In person, night one shit on this night. The 2x2 and N2F are gas though. The Frasco Fiasco was pretty dumb live but if that’s their way of having fun then I dig it. I thought it went on a lot longer than it actually did."


Setlist at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO on Jun 18, 2022

Set One

Crucial Taunt 355


Rocker Part 2 729


Susanah 273


Puppet String 682


2x2 1018


Night Nurse 552


Partyin' Peeps 413


Cut the Cable 404


Set Two

New Wings 316


Nothing Too Fancy 1097


The Frasco Fiasco 424


Frankie Zombie 425


Higgins 852


Wappy Sprayberry 633


The Floor 480



Gulf Stream 288


Puppet String 185


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