Umphrey's McGee

Robert J. Fischgrund Center for Performing Arts

South Bend, IN

Aug 31, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • Making Flippy Floppy with Mike Nolan on guitar.

  • Syncopated Strangers with Steve Krojinowski replacing Kris on drums.
  • Reviews

    Nick 9/16/2007 6:44:09 PM

    "this show destroyed last years !!! best since 2004 navy pier!"

    diggydouby 9/14/2007 1:39:27 PM

    "not to re-state what`s already been said here, but this show is simply ridiculous. there is no other way to say it. yes...there are one or two less-than-stellar moments - but the bulk is just phenomenal. the N2F>divisions diddy is so god-damn smooth - i think i`m getting a hard-on thinking about it. and to the guy who said "brendan is WAY faster than jake" - that`s like saying "a lambourghini is WAY faster than a ferrari." who the fuck cares? - you have the cream of the cream together on one stage - it`s not a contest. they`re both (together) in a league of their own. enjoy it. "

    Joe 9/10/2007 1:01:01 PM

    "Yeah, this show was amazing... I remember stopping dead in mid-dance, to watch Bayliss rip it to shreds that night (He IS way faster than Cinninger). First time I ever heard Divisions live, and it was amazing. I`d have to say this might be my favorite show ever. I gotta give it 6 stars (outta 5), and also suggest you get last years show from this venue too, cuz it was super amazing too. TEACH ME!"

    kyle 9/10/2007 8:43:04 AM

    "Good show from start to finish. killer "jazz odyssey". NtF>Div>NtF>Div.. nuff said."

    jake 9/9/2007 9:24:11 AM

    "this show was hot as fuck, the N2F>divisions>N2F>divisions was amazing and BB was on fire."


    Setlist at Robert J. Fischgrund Center for Performing Arts, South Bend, IN on Aug 31, 2007

    Set One

    Jazz Odyssey 201


    August 986


    Hurt Bird Bath 1036


    Intentions Clear 390


    Uncommon 215


    Making Flippy Floppy 785


    Wizard Burial Ground 550


    Set Two

    Women Wine and Song 268


    Nothing Too Fancy 672


    Divisions 678


    Nothing Too Fancy 619


    Divisions 508


    Miss Tinkle's Overture 466


    Mulche's Odyssey 741



    Syncopated Strangers 510


    Waiting Room 313


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