Umphrey's McGee

The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater

Pelham, TN

Aug 20, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Pimpscampi 8/30/2022 10:20:09 AM

"Freaking Remind Me straight crushes right out of the gate! Anyone else have friends that keep trying to push the Goose on them? I actually like them a lot and think they have more mass appeal due to the music being easier to follow along with and clear Phish vibes. However UM brings the raw RAWK intensity that I crave. The Cavern shows are on point for that."

Woo supporter 8/28/2022 6:29:54 PM

"Bc it’s amateur bullshit and makes umphrey’s crowds sound dumb "

Bath 8/26/2022 3:52:16 PM

"Bath goes full evil type 2 for about 10 mins of fire "

Weezy 8/23/2022 9:47:27 PM

"So grateful for two Amazing nights of Umph at The Caverns. Thank you for coming to Tennesee and showing love."

Pete 8/22/2022 7:57:28 AM

"New to mc bumphs but they are awesome and can concur brdigeless was a must listen. - hater s bytch"


Setlist at The Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater, Pelham, TN on Aug 20, 2022

Set One

Remind Me 816


Pure Saturation 333


Bridgeless 879


2nd Self 541


Hajimemashite 375


2nd Self 326


Fenced In 247


Bad Friday 739


Hurt Bird Bath 1054


New Wings 469


Bridgeless 335


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