Umphrey's McGee

The Fillmore Auditorium

Denver, CO

Sep 22, 2006

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • First set with Brendan and Jake on acoustics.

  • That's the Way and Always Up with Jeff Austin on mandolin

  • First Always Up

  • First Fearless
  • Reviews

    Rocker 12/17/2020 6:39:24 PM

    "“We don’t get to play that song very often”. Hey Brendan you guys can play whatever songs you want who is stopping you or writing your set lists for you? Your fans want Rocker one more often! You’re allowed to break out the acoustics anytime you want! It’s okay to say “hey maybe we will play Rocker one instead of fucking whistle kids this show...”"

    Al 11/4/2006 1:44:35 PM

    "Sweet show. Acoustic set has an awesome vibe to it, real chill and laid back. Always Up is a fun song. The Triple Wide OWNS as does the Glory --> Divisions. Can`t beat a cover of one of the greatest songs ever wirtten, that being the immortal Fearless. Overall a great show, definatly defiantly worth it."

    yes 10/9/2006 11:07:33 AM

    "if you havent jumped on the umphreys bandwagon, now is a great time to do so"

    Bobbyluv 10/2/2006 12:06:30 PM

    "my 10th show of the year and it is by FAR the best UM i`ve ever seen. really dug the accoustic set. the energy was very chill throughout the set until In the Kitchen, which really got the crowd rocking. Jake threw in several Roundabout teases in there. But the real fireworks began in the 2nd set with the Divisions. My first Divisions did not dissapoint. Jake was possessed and I knew that this show was going to sparkle. Partyin` Peeps has been heard countless times, but the jam they created was like a cyclone that erupted and the crowd was in a frenzy. I heard some folks complain about the placement of Morning Song, but I thought it was perfect! One of those UM songs with real soul, imo. The Glory>Divisions was blazing and the YYZ was whip cream on the 1st set sundae. The crowd was awestruck! Never heard a set that blew me away like that since Phish in the 90`s! 3rd set didn`t quite reach the incredible peaks of set 2, but it was no slouch. Triple Wide reminded me of the epic Canopy version in April and it contained a massive jam at the end. The energy dipped a bit during Bright Lights and Walletsworth, but from Ringo on it got back up to cyclone status. Killer Jimmy in Nemo and the closing 40`s Theme was as good as any song I`d heard close any set anywhere. Fearless encore was a major treat. UM ascended to the top of the heap for me after this show. My mini Colorado trip was the best trip I made all year for music."

    Herk 10/1/2006 6:07:49 PM

    "Was a truly outstanding performance. My 8th show to the year, and I loved every minute of it. Highlights included divisions (obv), jeff austin sit in, acoustic august was a real treat, 40s was a GREAT second set closer. I was very excited to hear Bright lights and Partyin peeps, too. those really get the crowd rockin. Ringo and PTP are also great versions. I guess I can`t say enough good things about this show, it was just unbelievable. This is a must-have."


    Setlist at The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO on Sep 22, 2006

    Set One

    August 689


    Passing 244


    Rocker 478


    That's The Way 480


    Always Up 229


    End of the Road 196


    In The Kitchen 778


    Set Two

    Divisions 1134


    Blue Echo 439


    Partyin' Peeps 512


    Morning Song 505


    Got Your Milk (Right Here) 236


    Glory 301


    Divisions 348


    YYZ 513


    Set Three

    The Triple Wide 1079


    Bright Lights 342


    Walletsworth 376


    Ringo 698


    Nemo 588


    Push the Pig 595


    40's Theme 666



    Fearless 310


    Plunger 415


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