Umphrey's McGee

The Georgia Theater

Athens, GA

Feb 28, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats
Show Notes
  • There was a full-band switch with Perpetual Groove during Ringo.

  • Kris continued his drum solo so that there was not a break before the first encore.

  • last Regulate 08/27/04

  • There is a slight digital noise during The Crooked One. This was on the master recording.
  • Reviews

    UmpAth 3/10/2007 10:29:32 AM

    "Show was great. Regulaters was too good. Good song selection, very solid show."

    Danny 3/4/2007 4:00:03 PM

    "I thought the show was kick-ass! My friend came over to Athens with me to see UM and then we had to go back to marietta the next morning. Anything for UM. Everyone there was ready for some party music, it was chill, thats how i like it."

    jimmyb 3/3/2007 5:38:39 AM

    "this was a fun show, lots of energy. the music was great, but nothing spectacular. you couldn`t really hear brendan`s guitar that well. he always seems to be turned down a little lower than jake, but it was very noticeable at this show. i haven`t downloaded it yet, maybe it won`t matter in the recording. the first set was pretty heavy with a lot of jams. the second set was cool with the p-groove switch and regulate. they had to bring some of the instruments back on stage for the second encore. the lights were on and the background music was already playing, pretty sweet the crowd called them back out. it wasn`t the best show ever, but still very good. i would say download"

    Steve-o 3/2/2007 7:26:04 PM

    "My 22nd birthday and it was crazy! One of my favorite shows! Crazy Kat!"


    Setlist at The Georgia Theater, Athens, GA on Feb 28, 2007

    Set One

    Professor Wormbog 649


    Der Bluten Kat 1146


    #5 397


    Baba O'Riley 315


    Der Bluten Kat 275


    2nd Self 428


    Plunger 484


    Set Two

    Glory 307


    Believe The Lie 654


    Ringo 279


    Perpetual Groove Handoff 483


    Ringo 554


    Tribute to the Spinal Shaft 624


    Regulate 579


    The Crooked One 1036


    Sociable Jimmy 443



    In The Kitchen 582


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