Umphrey's McGee

The Mishawaka

Bellvue, CO

Sep 8, 2023

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About Formats
About Formats

LysergicBrain 9/20/2023 9:39:43 AM

"I Want a New Drug was a lot of fun, could have worked great coming out of IDKWIW. Jake teased Stairway to Heaven at the end of Triple Wide. "

Show 78 9/9/2023 3:36:20 PM

"Night 2...deep in the Poudre. My first show seeing them without Kris. Pork Chop Pie was a fun opener, then Slacker with Jake on drums brought a super old school feel, very fun! After that, things got... interesting. Ben missed the drop into Attachments but held it down the rest of the tune. Smooth Jake led jam post song led into a nice Jake led peak. Ben had a some great moments, in lock step and hitting the transitions. Padgett's was particularly impressive and great to hear. Brendan had to cue Ben throughout the night on transitions which is understandable. He's doing a great job...but it's clear there is only one Kris Myers. His absence was noticable. There was a clear emphasis on simpler tunes and extended jams to allow Ben to get into the groove. Noticable absence of songs like OoO, Fussy, Water, etc. Overall, it was The Jake Show. He was loud in the mix and led just about every jam. If you need a crutch, Jake is a great one to have but the jamming bordered on repetitive at times. That said, Jake shredded everything. 2nd set was great, loved the AiT jam. Nick needed to be turned up in the mix and seemed very hesitant at times. Brought the energy down. Solid show, 6.5/10, amazing venue."

SteveZ 9/9/2023 12:57:55 PM

"Step it up a notch from last night much? Wheeeew! Set one for the win. Thank y’all so much!"


Setlist at The Mishawaka, Bellvue, CO on Sep 8, 2023

Set One

Pork Chop Pie 209


Slacker 729


Attachments 1201


Small Strides 693


Number 5 708


The Triple Wide 623


I Want A New Drug 311


Set Two

Miss Tinkle's Overture 825


Staircase 927


Padgett's Profile 483


All In Time 476


It Doesn't Matter 823


Escape Goat 1091



Plunger 1074


All In Time 420


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