Umphrey's McGee

The Showbox

Seattle, WA

Oct 22, 2009

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About Formats
About Formats

umfreerider 11/3/2009 5:26:22 PM

"Um....yea sorry Adam. Was listening to yonder having a cocktail and oops. Kris Meyers and Andy is what I meant to say, and let's not forgett Joel the master of keys. Killer show thanks again UM."

spinephixer 10/27/2009 8:50:30 AM

"who is Adam?"

umfreerider 10/25/2009 1:50:20 AM

"WOW!!! Umphreys has reached a new level of musicianship and tightness rarely seen in the music industry. Think Dark Side of the Moon, think Phish in 97, think Greatful Dead in 78, think Hendrix at Woodstock, think of the best possible music you can think of at the best possible time it happened!!! Thats what happened tonight. Everyone was on fire! Jake and the Moog, Ryan and Wizard Burial Ground, Brenden on Nothing too Fancy, and Adam and Andy on the whole first part of the set beatin' the best beats you ever heard! My whole body moved...the whole crowd moved...and the band mooooved and grroooved. They are proof of evolution in every way. If you don't buy this show you'll regret every moment of your life until you do!!!!!!! "

Navalinski 10/24/2009 2:37:13 PM

"This is my tenth Umph's shows and it never ceases to amaze me that they just keep getting better and better and better....Nice to see they are now feeling so comfortable with the Mantis material that they are now totally reinventing intros/mid sections and closes and taking these tunes to a whole new level. My face and other various body parts melted off completely during the second set with the All In Time>Floor>Nothing too Fancy>All in Time head 'fuckarama'. Sick does not even begin to describe this show. Also a very nice Norwegian Wood running rampant somewhere in between Made to Measure>Resoultion. What are you waiting for? Get out your plastic and put this epic in your collection!!!!"

groovin at the box 10/23/2009 4:39:56 PM

"Great, great show. First set was a lot of Jake with a really nice jam in Resolution. Second set was absolutely off the hook sick. AIT best I've ever heard. Super high energy second set and an excellent crowd groovin in the haze...Seattle smells good says BB. Download this show for the epic second set."


Setlist at The Showbox, Seattle, WA on Oct 22, 2009

Set One

Higgins 928


Made to Measure 556


Resolution 678


In The Kitchen 855


Turn & Run 199


Meeting In The Aisle 248


Turn & Run 319


Wizard Burial Ground 533


Set Two

Prowler 352


All In Time 792


The Floor 363


Nothing Too Fancy 639


All In Time 576


Slacker 690


I've Got A Feeling 280


40's Theme 666



Plunger 490


Nothing Too Fancy 478


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