Umphrey's McGee

The WorkPlay SoundStage

Birmingham, AL

May 3, 2007

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About Formats
About Formats

phisherman20 6/29/2007 12:30:27 AM

"Yeah, the security was definitely too heavy for a small venue like Workplay. But, it still pulls some of the best sound of any smaller venue I`ve been to. Even with so many people getting pinched by the bull-dykes the band and crowd`s energy that night was too strong. Great two nights of music!"

pyite42 5/21/2007 6:39:43 PM

"Great show! The soundstage is a terrible venue though! There`s just something about these guys when they play in the Ham!!"

Sociable Chappy 5/9/2007 7:49:18 PM

"I guess we all know someone who was kicked out that night! I understand them cracking down on underaged drinking, `cause they can lose their liquor license and sh*t. But those butch bitches were just nasty and unnecessarily heavy-handed. And sneaky. I watched them prowl around and sneak up on people just like some animals I`ve seen hunting on PBS specials. As far as the show goes, solid. Prolly the better of the two nights. Water, HBB, Sweving and Dutchman made a tasty first set. Much Obliged, ALB and AIT brought the thunder in Round 2. Nice shows, but check Dallas 2 nights later. Not THAT was the shizzle."

Dante 5/9/2007 7:41:56 PM

"My friend got kicked out by those dikes too, I think one of them had a mustache"

James Stewart 5/9/2007 12:53:53 PM

"I got kicked out right in the middle of Jimmy Stewart first set. Heard it was a pretty decent show. I can`t believe I missed it b/c of those two lesbian security guards."


Setlist at The WorkPlay SoundStage, Birmingham, AL on May 3, 2007

Set One

Water 750


Liquid 870


Hurt Bird Bath 1183


Last Man Swerving 674


The Fussy Dutchman 461


Set Two

Partyin' Peeps 697


Example 1 535


Alex's House 616


Professor Wormbog 438


Much Obliged 553


Running With The Devil 299


Andy's Last Beer 562


All In Time 1039



Banter 153


Nopener 236


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