Umphrey's McGee

Toad's Place

New Haven, CT

Apr 13, 2008

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About Formats
About Formats

breatheopenmindedair 4/25/2008 8:51:07 AM

"i said the show was better than it looks on paper - you respond that is DOES look good on paper (once again, suggestion your opinion is somehow right and mine is wrong). and then you refer to "that epic first set" which was pretty clearly being sarcastic about my comment on new haven. so it really didn`t seem like you were "agreeing" with me but rather trying to provoke. am i somehow misreading what you wrote? seriously. i am asking. or did you misread what i wrote? last thing i want is to keep some infantile dialog going - but what you just wrote seems to contradict what you wrote previously. if i am misreading something - i apologize. frankly would like to drop this whole thing. sorry for all the bad vibes and what not. not my style and certainly not something everyone else needs to be reading on here. take care man. all the best. "

Todd 4/24/2008 12:20:31 PM

"mr breatheinopen who are you talking to?? I can`t post an opinion, one where I actually agreed with you no less, without you blowin smoke up my ass? Take your own advice, grow up, and breathe in some of that air eh. ; )"

robert 4/17/2008 4:40:46 PM

"I didn`t attend the show and I`ve only seen them live on Soundstage, but I`d have to say after downloading last night and listening today, it`s a show I wish I could see even in video instead of just hearing. Kicking myself for not going. Rocks from the very beginning."

breatheopenmindedair 4/17/2008 5:22:14 AM

"jesus christ man. who can`t let it go now? grow up. "

joeyhydro 4/16/2008 10:13:20 PM

"they will not be at 10klf, look at their tourdates. the only day during 10klf they are NOT playing a show is the first night, wednesday. Ive been to the northwoods for the last 2 fests, and the main stage is always dark that first night. umphreys played the main stage their last year, so no doubt they would again if back. it`s not happenin"


Setlist at Toad's Place, New Haven, CT on Apr 13, 2008

Set One

Hurt Bird Bath 1351


Mullet (Over) 360


Search 4 542


Water 869


Andy's Last Beer 457


Got Your Milk (Right Here) 250


Set Two

Women Wine and Song 624


It's So Easy 229


Blue Echo 1141


Pay the Snucka 824


Thin Air 789


JaJunk 829



Uncommon 158


Kimble 314


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