Umphrey's McGee

Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Tuscaloosa, AL

Sep 15, 2016

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About Formats
About Formats

Seth Coleman 12/16/2016 9:08:10 AM

"They just Smoked WSP!! Panic shouldn't be asking UMphreys To open up for them if they don't wana get shown up!! Bc this show and the next night UM just threw down some sick jams, great Segues, sic nasty versions of cover songs and they brought out amazing Prog Hard Rock jams and showed all Panic fans a Real Rock Show! Any WSP fans that disagrees only means they didn't show up early to catch their show and that sucks u didn't bc u missed out on greatness!! WSP should've let Jefferson bring his equipment and lights and let him run UM lights for their show bc that would've made Panics show a lil bit better!! I love me some Panic and always Have since 1998 and I've seen atleast 23 shows but UM is way more a Technical, they get you dancing more, they are a lot more Heavier, they hit more Genres that I love, they have way better Segues, they harmonize their lyrics more, their jams are more intense and interesting, less songs in a set which means more songs have long improv jams and their lighting directer has more skill!!"


Setlist at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Tuscaloosa, AL on Sep 15, 2016

Set One

Similar Skin 452


Wappy Sprayberry 645


Speak Up 390


Puppet String 542


Glory 276


Educated Guess 372


Women Wine And Song 666


Bad Friday 499


Let's Dance 290


Puppet String 196


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