The Allman Brothers Band

Syria Mosque

Pittsburgh, PA

Jan 17, 1971

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About Formats
About Formats

BobR 12/6/2022 3:28:43 PM

"Sadly the mix for the first 3 songs is horrible. Guitars in Elizabeth Reed are lost under the bass and organ. Gets better after and great performance after that but wish the sound was consistent throughout. "

BrotherRy6 12/1/2022 7:25:47 PM

"Ive had this bootleg for many years anf soooo wanted a refined version, this just made my whole day. They slay the fuck out of this show especially the You Dont Love Me. I hope more of these sbd's get the remasters they deserve."


Setlist at Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA on Jan 17, 1971

Set One

Introduction 34


Statesboro Blues 254


Trouble No More 224


Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 196


In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 874


Midnight Rider 179


You Don't Love Me 898


Whipping Post 1216


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