Umphrey's McGee

Pier Six Pavilion

Baltimore, MD

Jun 10, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

StueyGreenberg 6/18/2022 1:20:48 AM

"Wire to wire fire! Draconian gets better each time they play it! Silent type, Seasons, Booth Bridgeless with an AIT Sammy can’t ask for anything more! FYI I can’t stand the Biscos lol This ain’t no Bisco! It’s \mm/??"

StueyGreenberg 6/18/2022 1:13:12 AM

"LOL! Drug Band? Since you’re a noob I’ll correct you! It’s called a jam band!!! I’ve been listening to UM since Summercamp 08 and man have they become a cohesive juggernaut!!! They have taken every song they do to the next level night in night out! FYI they took the headline from Moe at Scamp long ago! Drug band! This guy lol greatness for one set! See ya in St. Louis in August boyz! \mm/"

Jerry 6/15/2022 7:49:55 AM

"You are all drug band fans. Time to come to terms with this. Trust me. I know. PS - you don’t need to be on drugs to enjoy this show, but it’d be a whole lot cooler if you were."

Scabbyjay 6/12/2022 6:49:02 AM

"Drug Band? I’m assuming they meant by drug band a band who caters to fans who consume drugs. Family guys and super talented musicians. As far as the show…2 songs in and sounds like UM to me!"

Beavah 6/12/2022 4:22:57 AM

"For a drug city, Baltimore is still really shitty."


Setlist at Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore, MD on Jun 10, 2022

Set One

There's No Crying In Mexico 191


Wife Soup 686


Uncommon 171


All In Time 721


Eat 89


Draconian 1048


Eat 203


The Silent Type 851


Seasons 686


All In Time 495


Booth Love 548


Bridgeless 616


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