American Theatre

St. Louis, MO

Aug 16, 1993

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  • In 1993, Phish was touring following the release of their fourth album Rift, and rapidly expanding into colleges and theaters as word spread about their renowned live performances. St. Louis ’93 captures the band at two standout shows on consecutive tours at the 1,750-seat Beaux Arts style American Theatre.

    The first of the two American Theatre shows was April 14, 1993 - dubbed the “Roger Proposal” show when Trey’s old friend Roger Holloway decided to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer onstage. Trey and Roger conspired to make the proposal. Highlights of the April show included a creative Stash/Kung/Horse mash-up, Roger’s Proposal to open set II (she said “Yes”!) followed by AC/DC Bag and My Sweet One for the newly-engaged couple, You Enjoy Myself > Spooky > You Enjoy Myself, and a dreamy Harpua > Runaway Jim. The encore was dedicated to Roger and Jen “on the road of life.” Phish’s second show at the American took place August 16, 1993 during the legendary summer ’93 tour, which found the band taking exponentially bigger risks while exploring the outer limits of their repertoire. The August show kicked off with a non-stop sequence of Axilla > Possum > Horn > Reba > Sparkle. During I Didn’t Know, Fish used Voodoo and his Madonna washboard in an attempt to push back the waters of the Great Flood of 1993. Unique interstitial jams connected many of the songs in set I and added an extra element of mystery. The St. Louis Reba was an improvisational masterpiece. Possum, Foam and Split Open And Melt were all superb as was the only Mike’s Song > Faht > Weekapaug Groove combination ever played

    St. Louis ’93 was recorded in stereo from the soundboard by Paul Languedoc and mastered by Fred Kevorkian.
    Trey Anastasio
    Jon Fishman
    Mike Gordon
    Page McConnell
    Recorded by Paul Languedoc
    Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering
    Post-Production by Kevin Shapiro
    Technical Assistance by Ben Collette
    Illustrations/Design by Dan Mumford
    Art Direction by Julia Mordaunt
    Phish Inc. is Beth Montuori Rowles, Kevin Shapiro,
    Julia Mordaunt, Ben Collette
    Management by Coran Capshaw for Red Light Management
    with Jason Colton and Patrick Jordan
    Business Management by Burton Goldstein & Co., LLC:
    Burton Goldstein, Danyael Brand and Valerie Erbstein

    Andrew Fischbeck, Paul Languedoc, Chris Kuroda, Peter Schall , Stuart Weissman, Brad Sands, Mark Vincent, Bob Neumann, Amy Skelton, Marley, Mike Hayes, Mike Frelone, Grant McAree
    Dave Lawler , Paul Charette, Larry Frazer, Don Townshend, Rob Cane, Ron Morley

    1993 Management by Dionysian Productions: John Paluska, Shelly Culbertson

    All songs published by Who Is She? Music Inc (BMI) except for: Take The ‘A’ Train (Strayhorn) Tempo Music (ASCAP), Good Times Bad Times (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant) Flames of Albion Music (ASCAP), Rocky Top (Bryant/Bryant) House of Bryant Publications (BMI)

Readicculs 2/2/2019 10:05:06 PM

"1993 had some powerful sets usually involving them go places and having fun introducing folks to there noise. It was a fine year! This Reba is a great exploration into fun interactive, a treat for all, and blowing minds of first-timers. 1993 had a lot of first timers on every run. Including myself! "


Setlist at American Theatre, St. Louis, MO on Aug 16, 1993

Set One

Axilla 266


Possum 789


Horn 256


Reba 1166


Sparkle 237


Foam 709


I Didn't Know 351


Split Open and Melt 735


The Squirming Coil 650


Set Two

Mike's Song 824


Faht 161


Weekapaug Groove 945


Mound 350


It's Ice 523


My Friend, My Friend 420


Poor Heart 144


Big Ball Jam 168


Take The A-Train 282


Good Times, Bad Times 376



Amazing Grace 149


Rocky Top 165


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