Boise State University Pavilion

Boise, ID

Sep 14, 1999

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About Formats
Show Notes

Phish kicked off their fall 1999 tour in Vancouver, followed by a two-night stand at The Gorge and a Sunday show in Portland.  The tour then turned toward the Sawtooths for a Tuesday night show at Boise State University before continuing in California and beyond.  The BSU Pavilion was opened in 1982 as the Boise State Broncos' basketball arena with a concert capacity of about 13.000.  Tickets for Phish cost $26.50 with a GA floor and reserved seating in the stands.  This was the band's second show at this venue (they had opened summer 1995 there) and their last show to-date in Idaho.  Given the days off on both sides, the seven hour drive from Portland and the ten-plus hour drive to Shoreline for the next shows, many opted to skip this gig but those who took the trip were justly rewarded and those who didn’t will never forget it.

Boise's Set I kicked off with Chalk Dust Torture and featured The Curtain, Waste, a dramatic sequence of Loving Cup, What’s The Use? and Wading In The Velvet Sea, Farmhouse, and a hot Taste.  The mostly non-stop set II began with the first Peaches en Regalia in more than two years, followed by an AC/DC Bag for the ages.  This Bag was a tour de force of multi-modal improvisation culminating in a psychedelic freakout so far Out that swirling vacuum ambiance was the only way to wrap it.  The Boise Bag spilled over into a standout Gumbo with a slow funk Another One Bites The Dust jam that cemented Boise’s snooze-you-lose status.  A frenetic Down With Disease, Frankenstein (with a nod to Pink Floyd) capped the set.  The encore was Simple with a live fade-out that gave the band time to move downstage for an A cappella Hello My Baby to close out a magical night at BSU.

- Recorded by Paul Languedoc
- Mixed and Mastered by Jon Altschiller assisted by Danielle Warman
- Post-Production by Kevin Shapiro
- Technical Assistance by Ben Collette

  • Chalk Dust Torture  (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • The Sloth (Anastasio)
  • The Curtain (Anastasio/Daubert)
  • Waste (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • Loving Cup (Jagger/Richards*)
  • What's the Use (Anastasio/Fishman/Gordon/McConnell)
  • Wading in the Velvet Sea (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • Farmhouse (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • Nellie Kane (O'Brien#)
  • Taste (Anastasio/Fishman/Gordon/Marshall/McConnell)
  • Rocky Top (Bryant/Bryant^)
  • Peaches En Regalia (Zappa**)
  • AC/DC Bag (Anastasio)
  • Gumbo (Anastasio/Fishman)
  • Down with Disease (Anastasio/Marshall)
  • Frankenstein (Winter##)
  • Simple (Gordon)
  • Hello My Baby (Emerson/Howard/Singer^^)

All songs copyright Who Is She? Music Inc (BMI) except for: *ABKCO Music Inc (BMI), #Flying Fish Music (BMI), ^House of Bryant Publications (BMI), **Munchkin Music Co (ASCAP), ##EMI Longitude Music Co (BMI), ^^Edward B Marks Music Co (BMI)



Setlist at Boise State University Pavilion, Boise, ID on Sep 14, 1999

Set One

Chalk Dust Torture 494


The Sloth 293


The Curtain 463


Waste 430


Loving Cup 475


What's The Use 485


Wading in the Velvet Sea 382


Farmhouse 359


Nellie Kane 251


Taste 679


Rocky Top 208


Set Two

Peaches En Regalia 244


AC/DC Bag 1630


Gumbo 631


Down With Disease 690


Frankenstein 352



Simple 599


Hello My Baby 124


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