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Show Notes

PHISH: Trey Anastasio, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Page McConnell

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Tchad Blake
Assistant Recording Engineer: Peter J. Carini
Assistant Mix Engineer: Claire Lewis

Recorded at The Barn, Vermont, February 2004
Mixed at Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire, England, March 2004

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME, April 2004

Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro) recorded by Trey Anastasio, Nantucket, MA, April 2003. Grind recorded by Jared Slomoff at Cactus Unlimited in New York and Vermont, March 2004. Additional recording (Undermind): Bryce Goggin at The Barn, Vermont, May 2002 and Chris Plummer, assisted by Chris Weal, for Big Moe Recording at the Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, June 2003. Fender Rhodes (on Undermind): Ray Paczkowski

Secret Smile arranged by Maria Schneider
Secret Smile Strings
Violin: Katherine Winterstein, Laura Markowitz, Signy Glendinning, Sofia Hersh, Ann Cooper, Kathy Andrew
Viola: Roy Feldman, Pam Reit, Hilary Hatch
Cello: John Dunlop, Dieuwke Davydov

Management by Dionysian Productions: John Paluska, Jason Colton, Beth Montuori Rowles, Megan Criss
Technical and Production Assistance: Paul Languedoc, Brad Sands, Kevin Shapiro, Rob O'Dea, Kevin Monty, Brian Brown, Kevin Brown

Design: JDK
Photography: Tchad Blake

All songs published by Who Is She? Music, Inc. (BMI). All rights reserved.

The first pressing of the album includes a special bonus DVD of the 26 minute short film "Specimens of Beauty," directed by longtime Phish photographer Danny Clinch, that chronicles the recording of the album in Vermont.


Scents and Subtle Sounds 97


  • $0.99
Undermind 298


  • $0.99
The Connection 143


  • $0.99
A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing 380


  • $0.99
Army Of One 302


  • $0.99
Crowd Control 214


  • $0.99
Maggie's Revenge 104


  • $0.99
Nothing 246


  • $0.99
Two Versions of Me 226


  • $0.99
Access Me 158


  • $0.99
Scents and Subtle Sounds 306


  • $0.99
Tomorrow's Song 111


  • $0.99
Secret Smile 391


  • $0.99
Grind 59


  • $0.99
Tiny 408


  • $0.99

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