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The Clifford Ball, NY

Aug 16, 1996

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  • free MP3 download of "Harry Hood" from The Clifford Ball 7-DVD Box Set
  • The Clifford Ball was a landmark concert event that drew more than 70,000 fans to upstate New York in August of 1996. It was the largest concert event of 1996 in North America and set the tone for music festivals including Bonnaroo and Coachella.  The Clifford Ball was the first of seven two-day spectacles the band staged, which included The Great Went a year later, followed by Lemonwheel in 1998 and culminating in Big Cypress—the largest ticketed event in the world for the millennium celebrations, drawing over 90,000.  The Clifford Ball was held in Plattsburgh, New York, at a decommissioned air force base, during which Phish played two marathon concerts which include several on-stage guests.
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    Set Three

    Harry Hood (Edit) 1063


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