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Show Notes
Recorded and mixed at White Crow studios in Burlington, VT
Between June and August of 1991
Thanks to Todd Lockwood for gracious hospitality

Produced by Phish
(with a lot of help from Kevin)

Engineered by Kevin Halpin
Assisted by Jon Altschiller and Tom Walters
Additional recording by Jon Altschiller
Mastered at Masterdisk in New York, NY by Bob Ludwig

Mike Gordon: bass guitar, vocals
Trey Anastasio: guitars, vocals
Page McConnell: piano, organ, vocals
Jon Fishman: drums, vocals, (guitar and piano on "Faht")

Gordon Stone: Pedal Steel, Banjo on "Poor Heart"

Road Crew:
Paul Languedoc: House Sound
Chris Kuroda: Lighting Designer
Peter Schall: Stage Sound
Andrew Fischbeck: Road Manager
Marley: Security

Trey and Mike Play Paul Langedoc custom guitars and basses
with the exception of the Martin acoustic generously
donated by Calliope music in Burlington
Guitar and bass strings provided by DR handmade strings
Hammond modified by Goff organ serv., West Hartford, CT

Art direction/design: Mike Mills
Band photography and cover photo of Nectar: B.C. Kagan
Cover and inside photography: Joe Witkop
Legal wizardry: Jay Fialkov
Management: John Paluska/Dionysian Productions
A&R: Sue Drew

Eight and a half years ago, we played our first bar gig at Nectar's in Burlington. Nectar Rorris, the proprietor, was happy to give us a gig despite our lack of experience, organization, or a song list long enough to last two sets. The night went well enough and soon we were playing a series of monthly three night stands - three sets a night on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Like countless other bands in Burlington's diverse music scene, those nights at Nectar's taught us how to play. We dedicate this album to Nectar Rorris for 16 years of bringing Burlington live music every night of the week with no cover, and the best fries this side of...France.


Llama 212


Eliza 92


Cavern 264


Poor Heart 164


Stash 431


Manteca 29


Guelah Papyrus 322


Magilla 166


The Landlady 176


Glide 253


Tweezer 522


The Mango Song 383


Chalk Dust Torture 276


Faht 141


Catapult 32


Tweezer Reprise 159


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