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Show Notes
Mike Gordon: bass, vocals
Page McConnell: keyboards, vocals
Trey Anastasio: guitar, vocals
Jon Fishman: drums, vocals

Paul Langedoc
Front of House Engineer

Chris Kuroda
Lighting Director

Peter Schall
Monitor Engineer

Brad Sands
Production Assistant

Amy Skelton
Merchandise Rep.

Grant McAree
Production Manager

Bob Neumann
Audio Crew Chief

Kevin Brown
Stage Manager / Keyboard Tech

Kenny Silva
Tour Manager / Accountant

Mark Vincent
Lighting Crew Chief

Roger Pujol
Moving Lights Tech

Peter Luther
Lighting Tech

Pete Carini
Guitar / Drum Tech

Steve Kendall

John Schott
Band Bus Driver

Bobby Lessor
Crew Bus Driver

Tom Lehew
Sound Truck Driver

Kevin Collins
Lighting Truck Driver

Mike Hayes
Henry Schwab
Greenpeace Reps

This album would not have been possible without Shelly, Jason, Cynthia, Bree, Chip & everyone at Monterey Peninsula Artists, Burt, Alice, Lee, Nancy Jeffries, Beth Jacobson, Paul Brown, Lisa Frank, Brian Cohen and everyone at Elektra, Mark McKenna, Sue Drew, Lillian, Jay Fialkov, Peter Lubin & Giant Merchandising, Jim & Esmé Pollock, Jeff Holdsworth, Marc Daubert, Bruce Burgess, Richard Wright, Willis Pratt, Pam, Jeff, Brickle & Anne, Anne Labruciano, Biran Long, Amy Skelton, Steve & Kathy Pollak, The Joneses, Nectar, Pete, Rog, Dave, Aaron, D. McBride, Sean Sweeny, Ian & Connie, The Ranch, Slade basement, Syd, Ninja Boys, Hollywood Indians, Oblique Wave, Ernie Stires, Kiki, Mary Bog, Julie Pierce, TimberHole, Stone at the Tree, Stone Church, Gordon Stone, Gordon Hookaloo, Mike, Kate, Lisa, Jody, Don Sing and the Telluride crew, Dandy Don, Marnie, Armand, Widespread, Sara Jones, Bruce & the Unit, Andrew Fischbeck, Dan Archer, Kevin Halpin, Jon Altschiller, Barry Beckett, Paul Fox, Neil Faison at Tascam, Big Joe & the Unknown Blues Band, Sneakers Jazz Band, Jody Allbright, John Austin, Jim (the band), Artis the Spoonman, Baby Gramps, Kristy & Katie, Minkin, Alison Krauss, Fabulous Fondas, Béla Fleck, Violent Femmes, Lou Reed, Santana, Zop, Boswell, Steocker, Charlie, Chris Dyson, Greg, Bob "claw me down" Smith, Northeast Security, Mike Sangillo & Portland Percussion, Advance music, Calliope Music, Al & Dave from Goff Organ, Marke Dronge & DR Strings, Bob Bradshaw, Michael Grace, Jamie Masefield, Stacey Starkweather, Carl Gerhard, Smilin' Russell Guigui, Ivo Popasov's Bulgarian Wedding Band, Dave Matthews Band, Michael Ray, Jurgen & Rudy, Chris MacGregor, The Residents, Les Claypool, Blues Traveler, Sugar Blue & Michelle, Suns: Mountain Fiddler, Pie & Ra, Jeff Mosier, Lucia, Ted Lyman, Karl Boyle, Kevin Crochetiere, Ricky Puffer, Glen Allen, Lincoln & Joe, Vic Salvucci, Cs: Cott & Lee, R. Flo, Russ Remington, Cameron and Merry McKenney, DanaG., Paolo Caru,, Greg Deocampo, Matt Groening, Seinfeld, Suzannah Goodman, Mark Dronge, JW Nickel, Mike Luoma, Phillip & David Bither, Shockra, Janet from Goddard, Tom Baggot, Lee Lipsitz, Frank Gillis, Aaron Schecter, Hy Frank, Eric Hoagland, our familias (biological and extended members), and Marley.

Produced by PHISH
Recorded by Paul Langedoc
Mixed by Ed Thacker
Assistant Engineers: Todd Vos, Chris Laidlaw
Technical Consultant: Steven Rinkoff
Stash recorded by GBH Mobile: Steve Colby, Ray Fallon, John Voci
Mixed at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY March-April 1995
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Management: John Paluska, Dionysian Productions
Assisted by Shelly Culbertson and Jason Colton

The Giant Country Horns (on Gumbo)
Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone
Carl Gerhard: trumpet
Dave Grippo: alto saxophone
James Harvey: trombone
Michael Ray: trumpet

Art direction & design: Carol Bobolts/Red Herring Design
Cover photography: Danny Clinch
Booklet Photography: C. Taylor Crothers, Danny Clinch, Sofi Dillof, Ken Friedman, John Paluska, Jason Colton, Philin Phlash

Recorded live, Clifford Ball, 1994

Zach Weinberg 3/17/2009 8:58:08 AM

"This a piece of art from The Empyrean."


Bouncing Around the Room 248


Stash 751


Gumbo 314


Montana 124


You Enjoy Myself 1257


Chalk Dust Torture 408


Slave To The Traffic Light 646


Wilson 307


Tweezer 1855


Simple 293


Harry Hood 911


The Squirming Coil 750


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