The Story of the Ghost


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Show Notes

Trey Anastasio: guitar, vocals
Jon Fishman: drums, vocals
Mike Gordon: bass, pedal steel, vocals
Page McConnell: keyboards, vocals

Produced and Mixed by Andy Wallace
Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, NY April - June 1998

Engineered by Chris Shaw
Assistant Recording Engineer: Chris Laidlaw

Trey Anastasio: Horn arrangement for Birds of a Feather
Dave Grippo: Saxophone on Birds of a Feather
James Harvey: Trombone on Birds of a Feather
Jennifer Hartswick: Trumpet on Birds of a Feather
Heloise Williams: Background vocals on Birds of a Feather and Shafty

Additional Recording Sessions:
Bearsville Studios 3/11-15, 9/29-10/2, 1997
Recording Engineer: John Siket
Assistant Recording Engineer: Chris Laidlaw

Dave O's Farmhouse 3/4-7, 4/7-11, 1998
Recorded by Phish and Andy Wallace

Mixed at Soundracks Studios, NY, NY June/July 1998
Assistant Mix Engineer: Steve Sisco

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk July 1998

Pre-Production Digital Editing: John Billingsly

Management: John Paluska/Dionysian Productions

Production Assistance: Beth Montuori, Brad Sands
Technical Assistance: Paul Languedoc, Pete Carini, Kevin Brown, Brian Brown

Paintings by George Condo
Art Direction: Lili Picou
Project Management: Cynthia Brown and Jason Colton

All songs published by: Who Ish She? Music, BMI.
All lyrics copyright 1998 Who Is She? Music, BMI.
All Rights Reserved.


Ghost 232


  • $0.99
Birds of a Feather 255


  • $0.99
Meat 159


  • $0.99
Guyute 507


  • $0.99
Fikus 141


  • $0.99
Shafty 141


  • $0.99
Limb By Limb 212


  • $0.99
Frankie Says 187


  • $0.99
Brian and Robert 183


  • $0.99
Water In The Sky 149


  • $0.99
Roggae 179


  • $0.99
Wading in the Velvet Sea 269


  • $0.99
The Moma Dance 268


  • $0.99
End of Session 114


  • $0.99

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