Billy Strings

House of Blues

Boston, MA

Jan 25, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats

Charlie C 3/17/2022 10:08:42 PM

"This was my first introduction to Billy Strings. I knew nothing about him or the band and to be honest, was looking past him to Greensky who I still love. By the time the set was part way through all I could say was wow wow wow. I did not see this coming. At the end, it was like wait, what? Did that just happen? Four years later, I’m a huge fan. They were so good this night, but four years later, they’re even better. "


Setlist at House of Blues, Boston, MA on Jan 25, 2018

Set One

Awful Blues 352


  • $0.99
Meet Me at the Creek 804


Pyramid County 334


  • $0.99
L.A. Cowboy 204


  • $0.99
Pike County Breakdown 224


  • $0.99
Dust In A Baggie 188


  • $0.99
So Many Miles 363


  • $0.99
White Freight Liner Blues 227


  • $0.99

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