Billy Strings

Innings Festival

Tempe, AZ

Feb 26, 2022

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About Formats
About Formats

Mr. Wish Nugs allowed Emojis 7/17/2022 9:40:33 PM

"What a killer set! My 4th Billy show, although not really a Billy show, as it is an extended festival stage closing set! After many Billy shows, this set at the Innings still holds up next to single set. Hot damn, these boys set AZ on fire!"

Andy 3/24/2022 2:56:32 PM

"Short, sweet, and powerful set that I keep coming back to!"

Pyramid Cowboy 3/4/2022 8:28:48 AM

"Don’t know if any of this gets back to Billy, but really enjoyed the quicker high intensity version of Creek - wouldn’t mind some more of those. Did Jarrod pop a string at the very end there?"

Clarf 3/1/2022 10:40:49 AM

"My first Billy show and it was amazing!"

Stilly Brings 2/28/2022 2:10:09 PM

"Camped the rail all day for this show and was so worth it. Billy freakin brought the house down!!! Hell of a way to open for Foo Fighters. All has no brakes on this one"


Setlist at Innings Festival, Tempe, AZ on Feb 26, 2022

Set One

tuning 70


Pyramid Country 650


Fire On My Tongue 230


Must Be Seven 214


Ride Me High 648


Hide And Seek 730


Show Me The Door 431


Dust In A Baggie 247


Taking Water 187


Ice Bridges 223


Meet Me at the Creek 568


Pyramid Country 62


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