Billy Strings

Riviera Theater

Chicago, IL

Dec 30, 2017

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About Formats
About Formats
Reviews 3/13/2024 5:24:00 PM

"This show is smoking hot, right out of the gate. Maggie and Red Rocker. Blistering hot. Jarred hat just recently joined band. Short sets opening up. This is beginnings of band as the unit is today. Their just as hot then as now. Amazingly boys never given a bad show. That's what not drinking will do, be present at shows. Ask no show Jones. They are and will always be the GOATS. Sorry put so much on Billy. He's got all 3 powers words, voice and exceptional guitar skills. None of his songs are fillers on any album. None of his songs suck,dude I don't skip any songs on any material. Even his ballads are killer. Her love comes rolling down. "

Grateful goat 3/3/2024 3:10:39 PM

"Dedicates Proud Mary to Ally and says he isn’t afraid to mention he’s having a moment tonight…So awesome ?? "

Blue strings high grass 3/3/2024 3:02:05 PM

"Feel the energy….losing an old love…starting a new life this is why it’s BMFS mane! Thank you Billy and co. "

Shane Williams 8/8/2022 8:18:31 PM

"How has no one commented on this show??? Reckon everyone is focused on what the boys are doing now.... This show, among scores of others, are the bedrock of BMFS, bitches. Don't forget where it started."

NateKennedy 2/28/2022 5:20:38 PM

"Well what a nice show. "


Setlist at Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL on Dec 30, 2017

Set One

On The Southbound 204


Red Fox 814


My Sweet Blue Eyed Darling 258


While I'm Waiting Here 533


Taking A Slow Train 281


Dos Banjos 227


Am I Born to Die 230


Proud Mary 210


This Heart Of Mine 130


Dealing Despair 193


Brokedown Palace 245


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