Billy Strings

Ryman Auditorium

Nashville, TN

Jun 28, 2018

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About Formats
About Formats

Shane Williams 7/16/2022 6:26:25 PM

"I'm so jealous, and at the same time glad that you witnessed this part of history because that's exactly what it was. Big time fekken history. I've seen Jerry w the dead, I've seen pink Floyd in 94. Billy strings is doing historical things with really cool people in the music world. None more historical than what he does w Billy, Royal, Jarrod and Alex tho. I'm saving money to go see them bc I'm poor financially... Hehe"

RodneyCreative1 5/27/2021 1:57:34 AM

"May be one of the more historical shows for current lineup of Billy, Jarrod, Royal and Billy who had only been touring together for maybe 8 months or so. This was a feature performance as part of Bluegrass Nights at The Ryman and the bands first time on the Ryman stage. It’s a total classic before the big sound system and light show used now and before many of the songs like Turmoil and Meet Me At The Creek received enhanced sounds from new effects pedals and jammed out psychedelic sounds. It was a mixed crowd of “blue hairs”, regular Wednesday night crowd and maybe 50% of locals and family who were already turned on to Billy Strings. I remember vividly when the band got half way into Little Maggie, we (Billy Strings fans) all started standing and dancing which was not the usually for Wednesday night Bluegrass. You can hear the energy go to another level. I hope they release this show on vinyl one day or make it part of a future box set. A must listen for hard core BMFS fans!"


Setlist at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN on Jun 28, 2018

Set One

Intro 12


  • $0.99
Dust In A Baggie 228


  • $0.99
Pyramid Country 196


  • $0.99
Jam 205


  • $0.99
Little Maggie 292


  • $0.99
While I'm Waiting Here 371


  • $0.99
Turmoil and Tinfoil 576


  • $0.99
Slow Train 288


  • $0.99
Along the Road 197


  • $0.99
Streamline Cannonball 197


  • $0.99
Meet Me at the Creek 913


Down The Line 249


  • $0.99
Announcer 59


  • $0.99
And Am I Born to Die 168


  • $0.99

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