Dead and Company

American Airlines Center

Dallas, TX

Dec 1, 2017

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dead & Company: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Bob Weir, with Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti


TP 6/12/2023 2:38:52 PM

"This show is special. The stretch from dear prudence to the end of the show (knockin on heavens door) Mayer went to a different planet of guitar playing. He could do no wrong. Dear prudence was so good, the wheel, maybe the best Casey Jones I’ve heard to this day and it’s 2023. He played the last 5 minutes of that song like a man possessed. Heavens door was such a beautiful way to end an incredible show. "

Ledsy 12/29/2021 11:19:10 PM

"This was my first ever show. After being to quite a few more shows and listening/reflecting to this show many times, I can confidently say that this is one of D&C's hidden gems. I think the setlist and execution are both pretty solid. The American Airlines Center is a wonderful venue as well, with very nice natural acoustics and just enough natural reverb to make the sound richer, but not too deep. It makes you feel ljke you are listening to the music under a starry night sky at a lot of times even though you are indoors. Brown-Eyed Women was excellent, and Jeff was excellent on the grand. The electric up tempo pace of deep elem blues was solid. They don't play that one too often, and usually it's a much slower acoustic version. El Paso was very sharp, and the rest of the first set flowed together very nicely. The second set was absolutely blistering. John rips Scarlet Begonias through the roof, and the band displays excellent creativity and technique through the end of Fire on the Mountain. After a wonderful and sparkly Eyes, they go into space. Something otherworldly possesed Mayer after space. Dear Prudence was awesome to hear, and The Wheel sounded very crisp. Near the end of The Wheel they go into a reggae bit that was super groovy. The Casey Jones though. Most people will say that's the true treat of the show. As they kept speeding up, Mayer just hit a stride and never looked back. He absolutely shredded the end with a blistering finish through the finish line. Many faces were melted this night. The boys were definitely on this night! "

sacred moments here. mc 7/10/2018 10:40:37 AM

" "

mickey 2/20/2018 2:09:41 PM

"easy answers is a smoker. bob sounds vicious. "

Grateful Dave 12/23/2017 6:28:54 AM

"Something magical and energetic takes Mayer over after Drums. "


Setlist at American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX on Dec 1, 2017

Set One

Shakedown Street 864


Brown-Eyed Women 483


Deep Elem Blues 574


Friend Of The Devil 451


El Paso 377


They Love Each Other 645


The Music Never Stopped 422


Easy Answers 579


The Music Never Stopped 156


Set Two

Here Comes Sunshine 676


Scarlet Begonias 585


Fire On The Mountain 731


Eyes of the World 1011


Drums 580


Space 333


Dear Prudence 635


The Wheel 588


Casey Jones 513



Knockin' On Heaven's Door 420


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