Dead and Company

On The Road: Fall 2021

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Show Notes

1. They Love Each Other 10/12/21 Atlanta, GA
2. Deep Elem Blues 10/14/21 Dallas, TX
3. Bird Song 10/20/21 Morrison, CO
4. It Hurts Me Too 10/22/21 Englewood, CO
5. Cumberland Blues 10/23/21 Englewood, CO
6. Casey Jones 10/25/21 Phoenix, AZ
7. Ramble On Rose 10/29/21 Los Angeles, CA
8. Help on the Way 10/29/21 Los Angeles, CA
9. Slipknot! 10/29/21 Los Angeles, CA
10. Franklin's Tower  10/29/21 Los Angeles, CA
11. Days Between   10/30/21 Los Angeles, CA

Martin 8/7/2022 1:15:22 PM

"Great stuff a great collection of tunes so many good ones on that tour. "

Cassandra 6/12/2022 1:15:56 PM

"ATLANTA WAS FIRE! So glad the kicky JGB esque TLEO is first in line. "

Ty 6/9/2022 5:23:49 PM

"No picks from 10/19/21 or 10/31/21, that’s insane! Some good picks in here from other shows though"


They Love Each Other 620


Deep Elem Blues 579


Bird Song 1328


It Hurts Me Too 414


Cumberland Blues 517


Casey Jones 454


Ramble On Rose 580


Help On The Way 321


Slipknot! 463


Franklin's Tower 729


Days Between 850


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