Dead and Company

Citizen’s Bank Park

Philadelphia, PA

Jun 15, 2023

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dead & CompanyBobby Weir, Mickey Hart, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti & Jay Lane

The Final Tour - Summer 2023


Fl 9/24/2023 1:01:12 PM

"I will never forget hearing that cold rain and snow live, johnny was born to sing that one"

MuzikMunk 7/19/2023 5:05:01 PM

"It's always SpaceyINphilly worthy of the magic that happens in the Bank. And on to Citifield then to Fenway.....The muzikmunk never stopped! Truckin"

Moonie 7/8/2023 7:19:25 PM

"Best SOTM I’ve ever heard them play. Just unreal. I’m gonna miss these guys. "

Tim 7/8/2023 6:10:59 PM

"The solo on Not Fade Away is pretty awesome!"

Scott Petersen 7/8/2023 8:43:31 AM

"I thought this was the most fun energy I felt in a crowd this entire year. The band was very receptive and I couldn't disagree more with the review that said this wasn't the band's good night. I couldn't stop dancing or singing. Everybody around me and myself we're losing our minds at how freaking amazing of a set list we had and how on point the boys were. There's a little feedback in eyes of the world but we're in a ball stadium so you get that every now and then... How often do you get to hear El Paso... Absolutely slapped the whole place was singing every song. I was at Philly last year and this show was way more fun! I don't care what anybody says this is the best they've ever sounded every show this year is unreal!!!! Thank you boys for making the best music. Love y'all!"


Setlist at Citizen’s Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA on Jun 15, 2023

Set One

Man Smart, Woman Smarter 410


Shakedown Street 674


Cold, Rain, and Snow 449


Jack Straw 619


Brown-Eyed Women 411


Dark Star 820


El Paso 428


Don't Ease Me In 337


Set Two

Fire On The Mountain 602


New Speedway Boogie 596


Estimated Prophet 799


Eyes of the World 1030


Drums 536


Space 704


Dark Star 588


Cumberland Blues 609


Standing on the Moon 496


Not Fade Away 712



Ripple 340


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