Dead and Company

The Pavilion at Star Lake

Burgettstown, PA

Jun 5, 2023

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dead & CompanyBobby Weir, Mickey Hart, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti & Jay Lane

The Final Tour - Summer 2023


Jason 1/12/2024 11:18:24 AM

"Incredible show if you didn’t have to deal with the traffic. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening and the weather was perfect. Super high energy at the venue and it was a PACKED HOUSE! My hands down favorite version of Peggy-O by Dead "

Jimmy 9/10/2023 9:18:56 AM

"My first ever dead show i fell in love with the dead at 15,16 and this was my first ever show as my high school gradution present I went with my sister dad and myself. My dad is also a big deadhead. This show is know for one of the worst shows because of the traffic but we got their super earley we had to wait till 3 to get into shakedown. My sister doesn’t know much of the dead other then they make long music and she felt the magic and so did me and my dad they played so many car classics hell in a bucket, standing on the moon, Alabama getaway, Peggy o, truckin that my sister knew the songs my dad has a dick picks album from 81 and they played three songs off that Cassidy, don’t ease me in, and Alabama getaway. The whole show was fantastic the shakedown street was amazing also he people the crowd the bands lyrics abosulty incredible. This was also my first concert ever and I will absolutely cry if they never go bakc on tour. I was relay scared of John Mayer but since bugs net were streaming shows I fell in love with John maters jerry playing it is amazing I say so. My dad went back into parking lot around I know you rider cause his back was hurting so me and my sister stayed and it was abosulty magical I’ve been playing tons of Pink Floyd on my guitar recently and they teased shine on you crazy diamond abosulty incredible. I’ve never cried this emotionally before from music this was a life changing moment and I will never forgot and always be grateful. I’ve never felt so much ease and peace ever in my life other then that day ??????"

Martin Knott 8/7/2023 12:56:50 PM

"This is one of the best second sets of the entire tour. They wanted to make sure once finally people got in there that they were treated to something special and the second set is nothing short of something special China, China, what more do you want. "

Scott 7/19/2023 1:03:58 PM

"This was my 1st show and Holy moly!!! I'm hooked, unbelievable I just got on the bus! "

Evan 6/21/2023 5:31:53 AM

"The whole show was great but particularly the first set was unbelievable. The band was hot right out of the gate. During that long into into Hell in a Bucket is when I knew the boys weren’t messing around. "


Setlist at The Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA on Jun 5, 2023

Set One

Hell In A Bucket 860


Alabama Getaway 297


Jack Straw 674


Big Boss Man 510


Peggy-O 500


Bertha 584


Cassidy 782


Don't Ease Me In 361


Set Two

Viola Lee Blues 769


Truckin' 819


China Doll 519


China Cat Sunflower 481


I Know You Rider 719


Drums 687


Space 685


Althea 495


Standing on the Moon 566


Not Fade Away 723



The Weight 497


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