Dead and Company

PNC Music Pavilion

Charlotte, NC

May 30, 2023

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Show Notes

Dead & CompanyBobby Weir, Mickey Hart, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti & Jay Lane

The Final Tour - Summer 2023


MZ 8/15/2023 11:41:20 AM

"In the top 3 shows of the final tour, they whole band was one all night! "

Grateful Pred 8/9/2023 2:58:10 PM

"I like to think Atlanta was the show my heart needed.. but Charlotte was the show my SOUL needed. "

Michael 7/11/2023 8:41:50 PM

"Saw three shows this tour and each one was fantastic. Each had their own unique sound. This one was definitely more psychedelic compared to the other two, which was great. Help>Slip>Frank was a masterpiece and I actually had tears down my eyes while hearing Black Peter. Special moment as I saw the show with one of my best friends and sister, who both are not Dead Heads by any means and even they said they loved the show! The entire second set is an absolute ripper. I remember a guy in front of me leaning over next to his son and saying “now that’s some good stuff right there” and I said to myself “absolutely.” "

Scott T 6/7/2023 5:11:32 AM

"I wanted to be upset because Bill left but it's impossible when they sound this good. I've listened to every show on the tour so far and this one is by far my favorite. Yes I was at this show so I'm partial. There was a bass drop on Franklins tower that doesn't really come across on this record. I guess it's some you have to be at the show for. It stills has me spun out. Thai app is sooooo worth the money. I'll be a subscriber for life!!!"

Joshua 6/5/2023 8:27:57 PM

"This was my first dead show and holy smokes what an experience! I’ve listened to the dead for 20 years and listened to tons of live performances, but never had the privilege of hearing them live. I honestly didn’t know it was possible for a band to sound that good live. They were completely in the groove and it was a magical night. Grateful for this recording so I can relive that epic night!"


Setlist at PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC on May 30, 2023

Set One

Shakedown Street 844


Cold, Rain, and Snow 380


Loser 651


Dire Wolf 328


Loose Lucy 589


The Wheel 853


Bertha 557


Let It Grow 950


Set Two

Help On The Way 414


Slipknot! 500


Franklin's Tower 725


Fire On The Mountain 493


The Other one 546


Drums 501


Space 787


The Other one 613


Black Peter 999


Sugar Magnolia 638



U.S. Blues 484


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