Dead and Company

Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center

Noblesville, IN

Sep 15, 2021

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Show Notes

Dead & Company: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Bob Weir, with Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti


Paul Kleinert 3/23/2022 4:31:45 AM

"First event at Deer Creek,with my other half-EXCELLENT show. Sat down left of stage on lawn seats(provided) and enjoyed the show ?? from start to finish. Gonna make this a definite stop on tour from now on( long as it's happening) Later family "

Deadhead-Dan10 2/11/2022 9:35:56 PM

"Loved this show and make the Creek my annual must-see stop with college touring buddy and our respective families. This show was my wife and my 20th anniversary to the day and we got the TLEO signaling a cosmic connection. Hard Rain was surprising when we thought it was my daughters first El Paso, but she loves Dylan so it’s all good. Big Railroad to close first set rocked! The second set was magic and straight from the late 60s vortex as every song (sans encore) was pre-1970. Just great jamming and I see these shows through the lens of my 14-year old now so the Dark Star (both verses was not lost on her)>St. Stephen, Casey, etc was perfect! And my first ever live Death Don’t to make it all free extra special. Note: we were 3rd row Jerry’s side for 7/2/95 and would have been first row for 7/3 if not for the gate crashers. One of my fondest memories is sitting with my buddy on a little hill at Deer Derek before the show on 7/2/95 and listening to a nice long Dead soundcheck of HC Sunshine, Hoochie Coochie Man (never played it), Desolation, and Visions of Johanna. It was like our own mini concert. That was a great show but it’s overshadowed by the death threat and hate crashing. End side note. "

Danny Hammons 10/31/2021 7:10:28 PM

"After coming from the Cincinnati show up to Deer Creek these are my first two dead & Company shows and two from Shakedown to the freedom to roam around and dance with the family and make friends at this venue versus Cincinnati has night and day kind of seems like they had a lockdown in century but the venue in Deer Creek was totally awesome and thank God even came to these shows because we came from Florida and the Florida shows were cancelled so it made them extra special"

Deadhead-Dan10 10/27/2021 12:16:22 PM

"I was at St. Louis, this show (Deer Creek), and 2nd night Chicago and this show was my fave. Just loved that 2nd set—not one song played that debuted after 1971. A real trip back to the late 60s dead set (I imagine). It was my wife and my 20th anniversary to the day (9/15/01) and we got the TLEO we hoped for too! And yes, the Big Railroad totally rocked! "

Hunter Butler 10/18/2021 4:10:08 AM

"They love eachother johns falsetto works, rest of set 1 I thought was weak vs. Other versions of the songs in previous years, but then Big Railroad Blues SMOKED, and then JERRY WAS IN THE CLOUDS!!! IT WAS A PERFECT VIEW OF JERRY RIGHT UNDER THE MOON above the back fence at deer creek.. Then Jerry's cloud went right into the stage! It was unreal. It was a low patch of fog maybe? Set 2 KILLED! The Eleven being a goosebumps Bobby moment. Death Dont Have Mercy was straight up spooky kill your family with covid vibes.. loved it.. Dark Star was cosmic. After the Jerry cloud I just stargazed for most of Darkstar and set 2. I think Jerry showed up during Big Railroad Blues and blessed the show cause everything after that was killer. After the show the grass was soaked, my hair had a layer of morning dew on it too. We didn't notice any precipitation though. I'm not a see Jerry in the toast type of guy either. I am still shook by what I witnessed this night, on my birthday!! Plus it was the best shakedown experience I've ever had. Parked down by the volkswagens, had the best grilled cheese ever, sung with Harry Perry, raged. I was halfway exhausted by the time the show started but still danced more than any of the zombies. Weakest crowd ever at this show in my opinion, but I enjoyed the ride. This is the shakedown scene and show that makes you wanna get on the bus. I wish they'd go back to 3 night runs at Deer Creek like they did before 95. If this ain't the real thing, it's close enough to pretend!"


Setlist at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN on Sep 15, 2021

Set One

Feel Like a Stranger 944


They Love Each Other 778


Me And My Uncle 257


Brown-Eyed Women 512


If I Had The World To Give 479


Dire Wolf 319


A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 573


Big Railroad Blues 341


Set Two

Sugaree 839


Dark Star 792


St. Stephen 980


William Tell Bridge 265


The Eleven 670


Drums 457


Space 529


Dark Star 201


Casey Jones 440


Death Don't Have No Mercy 674


Turn On Your Love Light 451



Black Muddy River 518


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