Oct 11, 2021

Dead and Company

PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC

10/11/21 PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC


Set One

Let The Good Times Roll 334


Cassidy 679


Tennessee Jed 607


Must Have Been The Roses 384


Mr. Charlie 329


Looks Like Rain 664


Bird Song 1224


Set Two

Scarlet Begonias 916


Uncle John's Band 955


Fire On The Mountain 542


Terrapin Station 888


Drums 497


Space 344


New Speedway Boogie 698


Black Peter 939


Casey Jones 557



Ripple 311


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Reviews for this item

K 11/26/2021 3:35:23 PM

"JM on Mr Charlie! Wow!"

Philip 10/20/2021 3:17:27 PM

"I feel like they kept dropping my face on the floor in Terrapin. They’d raise me up and drop me over and over again toward the end. This after a deeply moving UJB recalling merry festivals in forests from long ago. First set was fun. Second was exhausting. Tight show. "

Robert 10/17/2021 7:00:30 AM

"Awesome show. Seen then on every tour since 2015 in many cities and this might have been the tightest one yet. Loved Charlie, UJB, ripple terrapin, whole show. Look forward to spring tour"

Zork Winklestein 10/15/2021 12:28:14 AM

"I wish Mickey would play a traditional drum-set. When I saw “the dead” in 2003 he was playing a standard trap set and it made the drum section sound much bigger. Not knocking Bill the drummer but he doesn’t provide the fire energy that drums normally bring to a rock outfit. He changed his style of playing to be able to physically get through a 3 hour concert at the age of too close to 80! I get it! I just wish Mickey would support the beat more instead of lallygagging around until Space with those red brush-like sticks. Watch some 89’ footage and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Mickey used to add so much more with a trap-set. Again I’m not hating, I love it—-I’ve listened to every single show front to back on this tour so I’m definitely not a hater, just expressing some constructive criticism. At least they turned Mickey up in the mix at this show!!! I’m eternally GRATEFUL that John fell in love with this music and injected some fresh, new, young energy into our scene. Keep touring boys!! "

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Dead… Va Head 10/14/2021 5:53:38 PM

"Saw my first shows in early 70s at William "