Dead and Company

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Maryland Heights, MO

Jun 7, 2023

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dead & CompanyBobby Weir, Mickey Hart, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti & Jay Lane

The Final Tour - Summer 2023


bblueskyyellowsunn 9/1/2023 7:34:10 AM

"At the end of Knockin, after they sing “Just like so many times before” when they’re hanging in the silence, John shouts to the rest of the band, “Let’s give ‘em that love. Let’s give ‘em that truth.” Then they all hit the final chord and walk off stage. Epic show. Definitely saw some love and truth that night."

JM 7/25/2023 10:07:31 PM

"Hearing that crowd erupt during the “I left St. Louis…” line during Back Throated Wind still gives me chills every time I listen to it."

Scott Petersen 7/8/2023 8:36:08 AM

"Best Eyes ever...ever .... What a treat for us. The most fun you can have is at a Dead show. St. Louis has been unreal the last 3 years and this was the icing on the cake. The boys are lit this year. Bob sounds better than ever. Keys are on fire. Drums on point. Bass is gas. John is the man. Best they ever sounded and this venue never gives feedback like a ballpark can. Thanks guys for a night I'll never forget. During the last 1/3 of Fire on the Mountain they start teasing some George Benson Breezin'... I lost it! Epic set list. Bucket list show for sure! "

Andy 6/30/2023 6:59:02 PM

"Some incredible highlights here. Let’s start with that Dark Star > Johnny B Goode. Then The Eleven out of Space separated from its St Stephen counterpart. And that Death Don’t Have No Mercy - chef’s kiss. This is the precursor to things like Wrigley N2, and the Big River in this show with the Dark Star V1 in the first set is the precursor to Fenway/Indy’s Dark Star on the Big River Jam. This band is on the top of their game, and it all hit another peak with this STL show "

Rocky 6/20/2023 1:35:06 AM

"Fantastic Show. Bobby Sounded great. John , Jeff and Otiel were fabulous as well. Couple of word changes by Bobby in Friend of the devil and in knockin on heavens door really made you smile smile smile . 10 outa 10 for sure. "


Setlist at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO on Jun 7, 2023

Set One

Let The Good Times Roll 351


Big River 393


Friend Of The Devil 406


They Love Each Other 805


Black-Throated Wind 540


Big Railroad Blues 300


Dark Star 751


Johnny B. Goode 300


Set Two

Eyes of the World 1432


Dark Star 633


Fire On The Mountain 556


Shakedown Street 1022


Drums 759


Space 528


The Eleven 633


Death Don't Have No Mercy 613


Going Down The Road Feeling Bad 607



Knockin' On Heaven's Door 508


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