Dead and Company

BB and T Pavilion

Camden, NJ

Jun 2, 2018

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About Formats
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Show Notes

Dennis McGranary 7/9/2022 7:25:42 AM

"Excellent show cut short due to Biblical rain."

w 6/17/2018 6:30:31 PM


w 6/17/2018 6:22:37 PM


Kurt 6/9/2018 7:04:28 PM

"Brought my son to this one, his first show. He GETS it now! Too bad it was cut short, but hey, shit happens. We're going to Cuyahoga to make up for it."

Greg 6/5/2018 6:46:11 PM

"How do I download the hallf a show I got? Seems I have to pay twice if I don't want to use your app."


Setlist at BB and T Pavilion, Camden, NJ on Jun 2, 2018

Set One

Hell In A Bucket 715


  • $1.29
It Hurts Me Too 282


  • $1.29
Cumberland Blues 574


  • $1.29
Ship Of Fools 622


  • $1.29
Ramble On Rose 612


  • $1.29
The Weight 550


  • $1.29
The Music Never Stopped 507


  • $1.29
Easy Answers 636


  • $1.29

Set Two

Playin' In The Band 929


Uncle John's Band 903


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